Wednesday, August 27, 2008


They tell me I need to be 24
Married, in the army, or in custody of the court
No court has ever taken me into custody
Yet I wander alone.
I work my hands to the core
Stay up all hours of the day
Just to earn a living
No help from mom
Dad gave up.
Told me to find my own way
Well I did, and I was doing so well
Until they told me I wasn't good enough
to become an independent.

So the poem pretty much says it all... I hit a snag in my life which postponed my schooling. I got refused financial aid (trying to apply again) as an independent. My parents and I haven't been speaking because of differences (mainly due to the fact that I wanted to do things my way, and not the way that was laid out for me) I was studying to become a teacher, and everything was going fine, until I was told I didn't have enough support that I was an independent. So this poem underlines some of the frustrations of what I am going through.

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