Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Papa John reunites with his Camero


Have you ever parted with something many years ago and would do anything to get it back, perhaps pay 250,000 for it? If you'd pay a hefty fee to reunite with something that was once yours back in the day, you're not alone. The owner of Papa John, John Schnatter sold his beloved gold and black 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 for 2,800 in 1983. The sale at the time was necessary to keep his family's business running, and saved his father's bar in Indiana. The rest of the money from the car was used to start his, now, well known pizza place.

John missed this old memory, and spent years searching for this car. After years of searching the car, he was able to locate his car through a blog by Jalopnik. It was discovered that since the sale of his Camero, the car had been sold to one more person. The current owner of the car, who goes by the name Robinson, returned the car, and got the 250,000.

Alas, Schnatter was reunited with his car. In fact, he was so happy, that today, Aug. 26, all Camaro owners get a free pizza.

Today's a good day to be a Camaro owner! Cheers!

source: Yahoo articles

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