Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eating healthy: Some diet tips.


Diet and exercise, which one is more important when it comes to loosing weight? Looking at this question realistically, let’s say you decided to devour a donut which is roughly 400 calories, it would take you about half an hour of intense cardio to burn that off. It only takes 3 minutes to polish off a sweet delicacy, but so much more to loose it.

To answer this question, yes, your diet is more important than exercise in loosing weight. For many people, diet is the key factor, and depending on what your diet is, this can make or break your weight loss goals. This does not mean you should drop exercise all together, it just simply means be careful of the things that you eat.

When people think of diets they may think of boring meal plans consisting of foods that are tasteless and have no variety to them. This is far from the truth. There is a plethora of recipes online and in books which describe how to make very tasty and healthful dishes. Another helpful tip is to have fun with different spices when cooking. You will be surprised how good baked chicken tastes with the combination of basil, pepper, Italian seasoning, fresh ginger, and a dash of peanut oil. The key to any diet is to have variety and to remember a diet is a life style change. Because of this, it is wise to enjoy the food you are eating. Like your exercise routines, it is also important to change up a diet and try new foods.

Another tip that works for most dieters is to keep a food journal. You can be specific or as general as you would like to be, but the key here is to take responsibility for everything you put in your mouth. By keeping a food diary, you are completely honest with yourself about sticking to your diet. It will also be hard to make excuses for eating five or six donuts during the day mindlessly.

Here are some other small tips that will help you start off your diet the right way

  • Eat smaller meals at least 4 to 6 times a day. This helps your metabolism
  • Drink enough water. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger.
  • Keep pop drinking to a minimum. If you drink pop several times a day, slowly wean yourself off by replacing it with crystal light, tea, or something healthier.
  • Keep junk food and other tempting foods out of the house. If you have a family or share food with other people, have them put it in a place where you will not be tempted to sneak a bite.
  • Avoid skipping meals. It is very likely you will overeat during your main courses such as lunch and dinner. If you are always on the go, make it a priority to pack small snacks such as fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, crackers, granola, etc. My personal favorite is humus and carrot sticks.
  • Never ever skip breakfast. While you should never skip a meal, breakfast is one meal where skipping is no exception. A healthy breakfast will help jump start your day and give you energy in the morning.
  • Reduce do not eliminate. Having a healthy diet does not mean giving up food you enjoy eating, it just means reducing the amount you eat. I personally like to use measuring cups to make sure I am sticking to serving sizes of my favorite ice cream, chips or fatty foods.




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