Friday, August 29, 2008

Murder of hearts.


The tears trickles down her face
and into the dirt filled hole
The promise he had broken
from years before
had left her broken
Today was the day she would get everything back

Her fingers are clenched tightly around the metal dagger
She looks at the lifeless body that lies innocently
Lips sealed, unwavering and sealed with determination
Slowly she starts to stab the victim of her obsession
A lifeless corpse that had driven her to depression

Unaware of the wilderness she continues
Blood mixes with the wet soil
Repeatedly she inserts the knife in then out
Tears mix in with the blood flow
Suddenly she remembers the ultimate promise
Laughing, she aims for the heart

Very gently she traces a heart with her manicured nail
Not thinking about the next few seconds
she takes her weapon of revenge
and carves out his chest, bends over
and grabs the heart.

Warm, bloody, and thick, she smiles
Satisfied, she raises the heart to the glow of the moon
Her promise had been fulfilled.

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Boy With a Coin


As you know, this blog also includes poetry put to song. Iron and Wine, one of my favorite bands, is known for his amazing song writing skills. Many of his songs incorporate religion, however, he does not practice any. One of my favorite songs by him is "Boy with a Coin"

A boy with a coin he found in the weeds
With bullets and pages of trade magazines
Close to a car that flipped on the turn
When God left the ground to circle the world

A girl with a bird she found in the snow
Then flew up her gown and that’s how she knows
If God made her eyes for crying at birth
Then left the ground to circle the earth

A boy with a coin he crammed in his jeans
Then making a wish he tossed in the sea
Walked to a town that all of us burn
When God left the ground to circle the world

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Imperfect to Perfection


I am imperfect.
I am proud.
Because I am not perfect.

I am glad I don't have model thighs.
That my eyes aren't the dreamy type.
All that matters is that they can cry.

I am thankful that my hair is not plastered on my head.
It's not tame and obedient.
It dances to the wind instead.

I am grateful that my body isn't a perfect ten.
I'm satisfied with the way it is.,
even though I am unhappy about it, time and again.

I am relieved that because I know
the way of being human
and how it goes.
God didn't make me into a Barbie.
So stop looking at my looks.
My inside is what you should see.

I am human no matter what they say.
I am imperfect to perfection.
A human, a girl, a woman,
who can hold her head high when facing rejection

I am imperfect and I am proud.
I ain't perfect.
I'll say it proud and OUT LOUD!
Being imperfect is the best way to go.
Being perfect gets you nowhere.
There is nothing to know.

So I guess I'm saying,
for a human to be perfect
They got be imperfect.
That's the way the human game is playing.
Imperfect to perfection.
There is no other

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Happy Place


Welcome to my happy place
A place that will automatically
bring a smile to your face.

Here there are no drugs, war, crime
hatred or anger.
All there is, is time.
Time to enjoy beauty and to relax
Here is a place like the peaceful woods
where the trees have never touched an axe.

In my happy place there is no such thing as pain.
Rainbows always appear
from the misty falling rain.
In this magical place
you can take all the time you want.
Here you don't have time to face
You can dance barefoot or scream.
You can spin uncontrollably, jump
giggle, shout or dream

Everything here is your choice.
There's peace and quiet
and the only thing you will hear is your voice.
Here there's warm colored sand by a sparkling lake.
The lake is clean and pure all around
so you can feel its soothing touch.
Flowers of all kinds cover the ground
All you will feel is tingly with the cool water touching your feet.
The sun shining brilliantly and radiantly
warming you with its heat

Here there is no such thing as being to hot or too cold,
too fat or too thin,
to young or to old
You can be whoever you want to be.
Do what ever you want to do.
In this place, let imagination set you free.
Here there are no heartbreaks or mad obsessions.
Here you can reflect and even reveal things you never knew.
No one here will hear your secrets or your confessions.
In my happy place you'll never get bored or sad.
You'll get peace, quiet, beauty
and all the things you wished you'd had.

This is a place where the beauty never dies,
and the only thing you have to do to get there
is close your eyes

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