Friday, August 29, 2008

Murder of hearts.


The tears trickles down her face
and into the dirt filled hole
The promise he had broken
from years before
had left her broken
Today was the day she would get everything back

Her fingers are clenched tightly around the metal dagger
She looks at the lifeless body that lies innocently
Lips sealed, unwavering and sealed with determination
Slowly she starts to stab the victim of her obsession
A lifeless corpse that had driven her to depression

Unaware of the wilderness she continues
Blood mixes with the wet soil
Repeatedly she inserts the knife in then out
Tears mix in with the blood flow
Suddenly she remembers the ultimate promise
Laughing, she aims for the heart

Very gently she traces a heart with her manicured nail
Not thinking about the next few seconds
she takes her weapon of revenge
and carves out his chest, bends over
and grabs the heart.

Warm, bloody, and thick, she smiles
Satisfied, she raises the heart to the glow of the moon
Her promise had been fulfilled.




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