Friday, October 24, 2008

Just an update


No, I'm not dead. I have just been very busy, and unable to write daily on this blog. I know, I know, shame, shame on me. I still have not forgotten the Friday blog awards, I figured I would do it every two weeks.

I have some pretty great news! I got a job as an office manager. I am totally new to the job, but I worked with the office as an assistant event coordinator, so I guess it helps that I know the ins and outs of the office.

I am also currently going through a little battle with financial aid to be filed as an independent so I can continue with school next semester.

A lot of stuff has been going on, but I promise, I will start posting a little of this, and a little of that very, very, very soon.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Friday's Fantastic Blog Award


Welcome to my very own Friday's Fantastic 4 Blog award. I hope that this award will be used and passed on.

If you get this award:

then you must pass it onto 4 other bloggers. Please try to do this on a Friday. There are so many great blogs out there, please take the time once a week or so, to recognize those sites. Try to avoid generic statements such as "Cool site with neat graphics"

Here are the rules. You must post the award on a post. Then list the blogger, name, site, and why you enjoyed the blog.

Next, post a comment on that recipient's blog saying they have won an award, and ask them to pick it up.

The following award goes to the following blogs. Please visit them and see what they can offer you.

The Porridge Line: Although this blog was born just a few days ago, the content is phenomenal. Read his first post, and you'll see that he represents the average Joe. It is a blog dedicated to the tough financial times and the effects it has on our personal life. Take a look, you'll probably find yourself saying "Please sir, I want some more."

Slightly Drunk: If you like your booze, funny stories with a buzz, then why aren't you on Slightly A well written blog that has a unique theme to it.

E Novels: If you're into reading E-books on line, or are looking for various E-books for free or to purchase, take a look at this blog. He may have something you like.

My Problem's Life:

I enjoyed reading this blog, and his posts. "Ive been through more than you can probably imagine so before you start to judge me, wait until you try to understand me. i have a reason behind every action/word i do or speak"

Those are the 4 awards for this Friday, keep in touch for next Friday's blog awards, you might be next :)

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How unique is your name


I found this pretty fun site which tell you how unique your name is. If you ever wonder that, will be more than happy to tell you.

Here were my results

post yours :)

KAVITA is the most popular name in USA (... 1512.farah , 1513.lenore , 1514.kavita , 1515.marwan , 1516.mari ...). One in every 11,512 Americans are named as KAVITA and popularity of name KAVITA is 86.87 people per million.

If we compare the popularity statistics of KAVITA to USA's population statistics, we can estimate that as of October.14.2008 13:05 there are 26,510 people named as KAVITA in the United States and the number of KAVITA's are increasing by 228 people every year.

Usage of kavita as a first name is extremely more common than its usage as a middle name. The sum of alphabetical order of letters in KAVITA is 64 and this makes KAVITA arithmetic buddies with words like Elegant, Bright, Bubbly, Dreamer, Engaging, Helper, Reliable, Select, True, Vital. Add "Courtesy of' tag and feel free to distribute, copy, republish this interesting, accurate and also useless report about name KAVITA.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The inconsistently consistent threads are becoming inconsistently inconstant


Yikes that title sure is a mouthful! I owe the quote "Its inconsistently consistent" to Me and the Blue Skies, a blog worth reading if you expect the unexpected Anyway, I noticed that I am getting a bit too carried away by political humbug that has been in the news, so to give you a break from the consistent bore of my supposedly inconsistent site, I will post more about random things :) I want to surprise my readers, and not blog about the same niche everyday.

Also, because there are so many blogs out there, I wanted to take the time to appreciate them each week. My plan so far, is on every Friday, dedicate a post to a few amazing blogs. I have my own name for the award, I plan on designing the award myself, and distributing it to several blogs each week. More details will be announced about this award. I hope I can have it done by this Friday, but because I went back to work, chances are I will be more tied up at the office. I'm really excited to start with this project, and it'll give me a chance to work on my computer art skills :) Hopefully I have those skills! Anyway, we'll just have to wait and see.

I know there's something else I wanted to post, but as usual, I'm always thinking about a thousand things at the same time. If I think of anything else, I'll post it up today!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Richard Mayor Daley calls for action during tough ecnomic times


In order to reduce the size of the budget hole, Mayor Daley has called for a temporary, partial shut down for city services. Most city services, except emergency services, will be shut down for 6 days. These days include the day after Thanks Giving, Christmas Eve, New Years eve, and 3 other days in the year of 2009. If you think workers will be getting paid for their time off, think again, these 6 free days, will be just that, free. By shutting down services and not paying workers on those days, it is estimated that it will save 20 million dollars for the next two years. Richard Mayor Daley may even consider doing it again. Hopefully the Aldermen are included under those that will have to take a free day. In an economy that is already suffering, we need the money more than ever. First things first, cut back on expenses that do NOTHING for the people.

To make matters worse, the new budget of 2009 will reveal a layoff of 1,080 workers. With this partial shut down, the state of Illinois going through numerous layoffs because of hiring freezes, and an unbalanced/undecided budget, its a wonder that these "leaders" are actually trusted to lead our governments. It seems as if corrupt leaders are common at all levels of government, at least for Illinois that is. Instead of closing off services, why not do something that should have been done long ago: Budget wisely, STOP spending money on useless projects, and let go of projects that are a waste of time and do NOT protect the tax payer. In addition, I have mixed feelings about Chicago being the Host for Olympics. I don't feel its right to deny city workers pay so the budget can allow our town to get ready for the Olympics, however I also wonder if this will bring a profit to our city? Is it really worth it to shut down services for a week, lay off thousands of workers to fund projects like these? There are luxuries then there are necessities, the Olympics, are a luxury. Again, first things first, take care of the people!

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A must read for Election time. -Howard Zinn


If you like what you read below and want the first ten chapters of the book VIA online text, please subscribe to my blog. Once you have, leave a comment, and I will send an email with the text on Ms word. If you like what you read, chances are you will buy the book, like I did, twice! To make reading easier, I will post each chapter as a separate word document. I feel more people should read this book. Please note that credit to the book is given on the text itself. These should not be used for any commercial purposes.

Howard's book is a remarkable non fiction text that tells the story of America's untold heros, the workers, immigrants, activists and the oppressed. Perhaps now more than ever it is important for us to reexamine history. It tells us how government has shunned and even limited those that demanded their rights for their (governments, the elite, business , the big dogs) own selfish interests. What makes this author special is he has been actively involved in the struggles, and movements that have shaped a part of our history. I am not telling you to side against America, what I am telling you however, is to give this book a chance, and decide for yourself.

Normally people would say that I take these things way too seriously. Some may say that I bash the government and authority without out even looking at the whole story. One of my room mates made a comment "Boy, you're really against this whole America thing?" I told her that I am not Anti American, I am Anti-Totalitarian government.

I believe that a nation's history (especially ours) is not only one sided. There are multi sides that interrelate, interconnect as well as work against each other.

All during elementary and high school years, many of us were fed the lies that USA was great and was a marvelous land of opportunities. I was told as a little girl by my first grade teacher that we became friends with the Indians and had a wonderful "thanksgiving meal" Ok, so who wants to tell a first grader, that the hero that she's supposed to admire, was really a mass murderer of many Indians. What is really hard to digest is how we continue to celebrate a holiday in the name of a person who didn’t even discover America, and how we hold parades for a man that was responsible for the demise of a many Indians, and the destruction of those that did nothing to harm Colombous and his men. My Professor expressed the point that those that control, control history. As kids, have we been learning the sugar coated version of our American History? No nation is perfect, but having people only learn about one side of the spectrum is unacceptable. Yes, as a country we should teach patriotism, but not at the expense of disregarding the side of history that is hidden .

It did not matter that I got older, and was wise enough to handle the truth, no high school teacher told me. Not even history books that we were assigned to read ever gave out this gruesome info. This just does not apply to this explorer, but also to almost every authoritative figure in our government and also to those that had ties with the government. Studying a history of a nation, you realize that a stock market just doesn't "crash" and that the News Media and other sources of media will hide what they don't want the public to hear.

I would also try to convince everyone to read this book, simply because of the vast amount information and text that has been regulated and censored by our government. As Zinn mentioned in his book, "...because the mountain of history books under which we all stand leans so heavily in the other direction - so tremblingly respectful, by inattention, to people's movements--that we need some counterforce to avoid being crushed into submission"(Zinn, 631) How can one say our country is great, when one does not know the other side. Watching the news everyday does not make one an informed citizen, and neither does only reading this book make you one too. Zinn points that out in his book, but he is not at all ashamed that his book may be a biased account. Then again, what history account is not? History is not a set book of facts, its personal events and memories from people. History is passed down from words and written documents, but the validity of that history is not always accurate. Zinn points out in one of his talks on justice, that his book is not about bashing American government, but it is about people learning objectively about their nation’s history. He brought up an excellent point when he explained that one cannot understand what is happening in today’s world, without having a look at that past. The book points out evidence, that what Bush is doing is nothing new, and that presidents in the past, have misused their power.

One year of intense reading on and off, and analyzing everything this book threw at me, I was, and still am left with a lot of questions. As our nation is doomed by Bush's administration, I finally begin to understand the dirty ties of military, government, economy and the corporate world. I strongly believe that American Government has used and still does, the term Democracy to disguise their desires of an empire. I now know to question twice what I am told. No this book has not made me loathe government , but it has made me realize that you cannot always trust what government says or does.

For those that may attack this post and say this book may be nothing more than a way to attack the conservatives that have caused misfortunes for the under privileged, here is an editorial of the book., " Consistently lauded for its lively, readable prose, this revised and updated edition of A People's History of the United States turns traditional textbook history on its head. Howard Zinn infuses the often-submerged voices of blacks, women, American Indians, war resisters, and poor laborers of all nationalities into this thorough narrative that spans American history from Christopher Columbus's arrival to an afterward on the Clinton presidency.

Addressing his trademark reversals of perspective, Zinn--a teacher, historian, and social activist for more than 20 years--explains, "My point is not that we must, in telling history, accuse, judge, condemn Columbus in absentia. It is too late for that; it would be a useless scholarly exercise in morality. But the easy acceptance of atrocities as a deplorable but necessary price to pay for progress (Hiroshima and Vietnam, to save Western civilization; Kronstadt and Hungary, to save socialism; nuclear proliferation, to save us all)--that is still with us. One reason these atrocities are still with us is that we have learned to bury them in a mass of other facts, as radioactive wastes are buried in containers in the earth."
If your last experience of American history was brought to you by junior high school textbooks--or even if you're a specialist--get ready for the other side of stories you may not even have heard. With its vivid descriptions of rarely noted events, A People's History of the United States is required reading for anyone who wants to take a fresh look at the rich, rocky history of America." (Amazon Editorial)

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary


Today marks the 25th anniversary of the first commercial cell phone call. On October 13th, 1983,Bob Barnett used the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X to call the grandson of Alexander Grahm Bell. Interestingly enough, the first call took place in my home town, Chicago! The cell phone which is owned by almost everyone has a long and interesting history. Click here for a cell phone time line

Do you remember a time when you were living without a cell phone? I do, I got my first cell phone when I was 19 years old. Living at home, I never needed one because my parents had a land line. Since then, I have moved around a lot, and have found that a cell phone was actually cheaper than installing a land line every time I moved.

Ever wonder how our life would be without cell phones? I remember my dad always lecturing me when I wanted a cell phone. He would say "You had managed just fine before you had one, and you'll manage just fine after."

Well, I can't imagine my life without one. Happy Anniversary!

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'll be gone, but here are somethings to read until I come back on.


Hello readers, subscribed and unsubscribed viewers! I will be taking a week vacation so I will not be posting for a week or so. I will be in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere, so yes, that means no cable, and no internet. Please keep on dropping, I will resume dropping once I come back :)

Meanwhile, I have found some interesting articles, I think are worth reading. They range from Politics, science, to careers, and maybe some health. I will give a brief description of the article. You will be able to click on the title and be directly taken to the article. I hope it keeps you somewhat busy while I am away. Happy reading :) Oh! and remember to leave your opinions on any of the articles! Either opinions, agreements, disagreements, etc. Love to hear from you!

Pass this bailout or else! In desperate attempts to pass the bill, Representatives were threatened with Martial Law if they did not pass this piece of legislation. Martial law dates back to the Lincoln Administration.

Why guys dump girls they dig. Even when a guy is into a girl, there are 5 reasons why he may call the relationship quits.

Bailout provides equal coverage for mental and physical alignments

7 anti-aging foods: Some of these you may already have included in your diet.

Microwave chicken isn't actually cooked chicken: 32 people in 12 states fell ill due to Saminola poisoning.

Google and Yahoo ad delayed: Justice department needs more time to review the process of these 2 top web companies merging together.

Astronaut's diary goes on display in Jerusalem.

Dow Joe plunges below 10,000 points. And this is despite the desperate attempts of the bail out.

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You said it Ron Paul!


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Saturday, October 4, 2008

And the winners are!!!


About a week or less ago, I got the pleasant surprise of a blog award. Imagine that, someone actually LIKED my blog! My day suddenly got brighter, and I was smiling from ear to ear. Thanks Pam! Visit her Consummate Life blog, you will surely enjoy your visit. Then I figured there are millions of other blogs out there who need a little love and attention. So here is how it shall go. I submit an award to seven blogs, if you receive an award, you do the same, and send that reward to at least 7 other bloggers. So go ahead, spread the love, and make somebody smile. :)

1. Daisy the Curly Cat. This blog features the one and only adorable cat Daisy. Join Daisy as she ventures onto mischievous adventures, painting, dressing for the circus and much more. This blog is filled with her day to day events and pictures. If you are a cat lover like I am, Daisy will surely melt your heart.

2. Poetic Architecture. Sanjay an excellent poet, displays his written talent in a well put together poetry blog. Labeling himself as an optimist, his talent shines through his words. Take a peak, you won't leave once you do!

3. Robin's Nest. I find this blog very dear to my heart because it serves as a reminder when my heart needed time to heal. Poetry was something that helped me get through a broken heart. Robin's nest displays poetry that will touch you and get under your skin.

4. Subjective Soup. What are the ingredients to make a nice bowlful of subjective soup? Why its daily events, thoughts, and feeling. Don't forget to sprinkle on some attitude. When you read Subjective Soup, you will always want more than one serving.

5. Emila's Illustrated Blog: A blog with giveaways, pictures, and artistic work, Emila's blog is something that I took notice of very quickly. If you want a RSS Dolly, she's the girl to go to!

6. Caught in the Stream: This blogger definitely knows how to draw. If I could draw a perfect circle I would be perfectly content! Visit this artist's blog, the drawings are phenomenal.

7. Lily's licorice. This is a tasty blog with stories, politics, and thoughts. My favorite post is of her silly husband burning down the house. Psssh Men! Don't ask me how it happened, if you want to find out, you'll just have to read her post.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

How do you feel about this?


I decided I would make a question post to start a discussion on the bailout. Well we know that the Bill has been passed, and is effectively signed as a law. With so much resistance to the bill, despite the revisions, debates of why it would not fix the root cause of the problem, and so much opposition to bail out, we have added another 700 billion dollars to our national debt.

My question for you is, how do you feel about this. Was it a good choice, bad choice? What do you think is in store for the country now.

I would like to gain some perspective.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Insurance: Are you and your teeth covered?


If you're like 46 million Americans (give or take a few million) then you probably are without dental insurance, or have opted NOT to take insurance because of costs.If you're like another 40 million, then you probably don't have enough to pay for a dentist even with coverage. Source For a nation that obsesses so much about health and health coverage, oral care is in most cases, at the bottom of the priority list.

Today, it seems common that a lot of health insurances provided at work don't offer dental insurance, and even with insurance, dental care is still unaffordable. However, remember fixing a problem when it starts to get worse will be much cheaper than waiting till it gets out of hand. Avoiding to see a dentist because of lack of coverage will in the long run, eat away at your teeth, and your pocket. Let's not forget that taking care of your teeth thoroughly is extremely crucial to your help, and will cut costs on future treatment.

In some cases, people let their teeth go bad, and they they feel that they are not in a position to receive insurance or see a dentist. The fact is that there is a solution. Letting your teeth go bad can lead to tooth decay which can lead to a cavity, and in worst cases a root canal and extracting a teeth. Letting a tooth problem go too far can lead to heart disease, diabetes, even death.

If you are currently without insurance, there is an alternative especially for emergencies. One alternative is Denta Choice

Denta choice is NOT insurance, rather it is a reduced fee for service program that can save you a substantial amount of money, similar to insurance. It is one of the largest national dental networks in America. 15% to 50% can be saved on almost any procedure. Costs are determined by area/location. An individual plan is 8 dollars a month, a house hold plan is 18 dollars a month. Members pay month by month and are free to cancel any time.

Your teeth are important to your health, as well as your physical experience. Don't avoid oral hygiene or care. You will end up paying a lot more than money if you do.

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Woman purchases a house cheaper than a Big Mac


Well its not everyday you can buy a house on Ebay, furthermore, its not everyday you can buy a house for pennies. However, a Chicago woman took advantage of the bid, and won the house for 1.75. Yes, that's right. Pick your mouths up from the floor please. There is a cost though, in order to keep it from facing foreclosure, she must pay 850 in back taxes, not to mention clean-up costs. Lets also not forget how much she would have to spend to fix up the house. Overall, it is a really smart buy. Perhaps I can find an abandoned mansion through Ebay once I graduate.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Economy nonsense mix-up


I have recently read blog posts where there are some uncertainties about this bailout. It really is funny how the administration thinks that renaming a bail out as a rescue plan will change the bill for what it really is. I always thought a "rescue" plan should be reserved for those who are worthy of rescue, not crooks, greedy CEOs, and definitely not people from the incompetent Bush Administration.

Today I witnessed a real live example of how a bill works and how it is passed. This would have been a wonderful example to my third graders last year of how a bill is made and passed . Anyway, congress favored the bill, and it is now going to the house. Do I hope it will pass? I don't know. Do I think it will pass? Who knows.

I am still against the bill somewhat, but now I have mixed feelings. I see to much of blaming, pointing fingers at others, and complaining that the bail out makes me unhappy. It makes me enraged, and I am skeptical about its workings. However, something needs to be done to fix this. Will the bail out fix it? Maybe it will temporarily, but if these greedy people responsible for this mess do not devise a strategy to keep this from happening again, the back lash will be much worse than protesters shouting "You broke it, you bought it" on Wall Street

What bothers me the most is how reckless these companies were, and how reckless Paulson and the administration were in putting the bill together. If you have a financial crisis, and a bill asking for several billion dollars, you better have a book's worth explaining your plan. I belieive whole heartily that these people cared nothing about the American people when they made bill. If they cared, that would have reflected in the first draft of their bill. Instead it was 2 pages and contained no oversights. What does that tell you about the original intentions of these people?

If the bill passes, let us pray it will work. I do not want to have to be put in a position where I have to introduce my kids into a country where the economy is in complete turmoil. My parents came here from India, because the life here was so much better, and there were so many opportunities for them and my brother and sister. Will the bail out bring positive change that intentionally attracted my parents to come here?

How do you feel about this?

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The top ten entrecard droppers


I decided I would dedicate this post to my famous top ten entrecard droppers, and to those that have visited my site whenever they could. I have been with Entrecard for about a month, and I am very happy with the progress I made. So with further ado, here are the top ten droppers, with their links. Thank you Sanjay for the idea. Its about time I recognized my droppers. By the way, if you like poetry, I highly suggest his site

Dropper # of drops
The Truth About Lies 15
Breeni Books 15
Wedding Cake Hints 13
Blog Fiction 12
the Social Arrow 11
WTF Do You Blog About!? 9
Where the Walls are Soft 9
The Writing Nag 9
PoeARTica 9

Again thank you to those who visited my site. I'm learning a lot from visiting your blogs :)

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Perfection and changes: my weakness or my strength?


Well, I've made a few changes to my blogger layout. O.K., well A LOT of changes. I really was not happy with my previous template. The Indian Bride picture was too big, clashed with my background, and I had way too many widgets cluttered onto one side. The blog just did not seem to flow right, sort of like an outfit that was trying too hard.

Being the type person I am, I took no breaks (eating or stretching) and ventured online to perhaps a dozen sites to find a new template that would display what I thought was important in a sufficient way. I found that sites with 3 columns were a lot better since I could spread out my links, favorite blogs, and the other tid bits I want to display on my blog. It also let me organize everything more efficiently.

I know a few days later, I will still want to change something about my blog, and that I won't take a break until I have everything perfected. I'm not only like this with blogging, I'm like this with everything. My theory is, if you're going to change, at least do it right. Mind you, I still have a lot to add to my new template lay out, and I probably won't give myself a break till I am happy with its look and performance. I have a long way to go before I can attain the status I want with this blog.

As I was saying, I'm like this with everything. When I student taught in a third grade classroom, I over-worked myself when forming my lessons, hardly took a break, because I wanted it to be perfect, whatever that was. If I'm cleaning, which is not a lot, I tend to go overboard and I don't give myself a break. My best friend always tells me that I need to step out of my apartment and breathe some oxygen once in a while. I realize I get this need for attaining perfection from my father. Although I hated his lectures, his speech "Just don't get something partially done" has resonated with me now.

Not only do I overwork myself, but I have a habit of changing things a lot. I am known to change outfits twice a day by a few, and I just can't listen to a full song on the radio or on my mp3 player. Once I've heard half of the song, I get bored and switch off to another song, and repeat that process at least a few times. I find that now I can't stay focused on one book. I find myself changing books after a few chapters. I have 2 book shelves of books that I've never read, and the only way I will be able to finish a book is if I chain myself to a chair, and then chain the book to my hands.

Anyway, that's me, the girl that is always changing her clothes, her music, and overworking even over sleep.

On a brighter note, happy first of October! Only 30 more days till Halloween!

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