Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Perfection and changes: my weakness or my strength?


Well, I've made a few changes to my blogger layout. O.K., well A LOT of changes. I really was not happy with my previous template. The Indian Bride picture was too big, clashed with my background, and I had way too many widgets cluttered onto one side. The blog just did not seem to flow right, sort of like an outfit that was trying too hard.

Being the type person I am, I took no breaks (eating or stretching) and ventured online to perhaps a dozen sites to find a new template that would display what I thought was important in a sufficient way. I found that sites with 3 columns were a lot better since I could spread out my links, favorite blogs, and the other tid bits I want to display on my blog. It also let me organize everything more efficiently.

I know a few days later, I will still want to change something about my blog, and that I won't take a break until I have everything perfected. I'm not only like this with blogging, I'm like this with everything. My theory is, if you're going to change, at least do it right. Mind you, I still have a lot to add to my new template lay out, and I probably won't give myself a break till I am happy with its look and performance. I have a long way to go before I can attain the status I want with this blog.

As I was saying, I'm like this with everything. When I student taught in a third grade classroom, I over-worked myself when forming my lessons, hardly took a break, because I wanted it to be perfect, whatever that was. If I'm cleaning, which is not a lot, I tend to go overboard and I don't give myself a break. My best friend always tells me that I need to step out of my apartment and breathe some oxygen once in a while. I realize I get this need for attaining perfection from my father. Although I hated his lectures, his speech "Just don't get something partially done" has resonated with me now.

Not only do I overwork myself, but I have a habit of changing things a lot. I am known to change outfits twice a day by a few, and I just can't listen to a full song on the radio or on my mp3 player. Once I've heard half of the song, I get bored and switch off to another song, and repeat that process at least a few times. I find that now I can't stay focused on one book. I find myself changing books after a few chapters. I have 2 book shelves of books that I've never read, and the only way I will be able to finish a book is if I chain myself to a chair, and then chain the book to my hands.

Anyway, that's me, the girl that is always changing her clothes, her music, and overworking even over sleep.

On a brighter note, happy first of October! Only 30 more days till Halloween!




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