Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Words of wisdom.... wear sunscreen


I love finding quotes, stories, or anecdotes on anything inspiring or uplifting. I believe that hearing words of wisdom, or taking in doses of encouragement can help us travel the difficult road ahead.

As soon as I heard Baz Luhrmann's wear sunscreen speech several years ago, I had to share it with everyone I saw. These words still resonate with me today, and with each day that I get older, I find his advice to be even more and more true. So with further ado... here is "Wear Sunscreen"

Edit: I forgot to mention that Mary Schmich, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune is the original author of this inspiring speech. According to research, this would have been the speech she would have given at a commencement. Wherever this speech is given, it can be agreed that it fits in well with all areas of life.

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