Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Get greedy


When it comes to making money online, I think it’s only wise to pursue as a side job. I am part of a few gpt sites which has helped me make some pocket change here and there. I do surveys whenever I feel like it, really.

I used to fill out surveys at Cashcrate, but after my first payment, I let my performance slide. In all honesty, I’m upset about the 20 dollars payout. If you are a Cashcrate member, you know exactly what I mean. For those that don’t, be warned, if you join, you’ll need to earn 20 dollars before you can get paid. I still recommend joining the site if you’re a pro at GPT sites. The members on the forums are extremely helpful, so if you are a newbee, they will help you with open arms. I still consider myself a novice, so I take part in several sites, making sure I don’t redo the same offer twice.

Anyway the point of this blog is to talk about a fairly new gpt site which I am paying more attention to. So far, the site has been working well, and I have been getting credited for over half of my offers. Its like other GPT sites but with more perks. If you’re familiar with GPT sites, and have not discovered this site, this will be something worth checking out.

*50 cent minimum payout
*No fees taken out of paypal
*5 dollar minimum checks
*Payment via paypal, check, or visa gift card.
*loads of free offers.
*An international site.
*3 level referral system
*payouts in 24 hours or less

if you're curious if it pays, yes it does. Sign up for yourself, do a few surveys, and once you reach min. pay out, request a payout.

I don’t consider this GPT site the best because similar to Cash crate, this site has a possibility of going down hill. My theory is to take advantage of the site now while the perks are still fresh.. So go on, and get greedy with greedy clicks
Greedy Clicks

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