Monday, September 29, 2008

A smart shopper's guide to purchasing text books.


If you’re like me, then you know what its like to fork over hundreds of dollars just for text books. Although financial aid might be covering some of your book expenses, there is no reason why you should pay so much for books you will have only for a semester. Buying books at book store price and selling them back for flea market price is something that disappoints college students. In order to get a good deal on your text book, as well as sell them back for more than store book price, you have to shop smart.

The first tip is to do your homework early. What I mean by this is find out what textbook you will have to buy.

The next tip is to search for your textbooks. What I suggest doing first is going to your university book store and writing down the ISBN numbers of your book. This is the bar code number on the back of your book. Sometimes the bookstore will cover it up. You can also find the bar code on inside of the first page. Write down the list of isbn numbers and the cost of the books. You will need your isbn numbers when searching for books and comparing prices. This number identifies the exact book. Most numbers have 8 or 10 numbers.

Once you have your barcode, you will need to find the best deals on textbooks. There are several ways to do this.

  • Look for textbooks on ebay or Make a wish list if you have to
  • See if other people at your university have the books you need. Many of them will offer a fairer price than the book store. If you’re part of a social networking site, such as facebook and myspace, you can join groups where people are selling their textbooks at your school.
  • Contact your professor and ask whether the textbooks are needed. You will be very surprised that you will buy textbooks only to use them a few times during the semester. If that is the case, it might help to borrow from a friend or make a copy of certain pages when needed.
  • You might also want to contact your professor and ask if using the previous version of a textbook is o.k. I’ve used previous versions of textbooks for a few classes, and there is no difference between the new version and the old version.

  • I highly recommend buying the international editions of your text. International editions are significantly cheaper than the U.S. editions. The abe textbook website has a way to search for textbooks. For general courses like math or science, you'd probably have better luck finding an international edition.

Using these tips will help you immensely. Conversely, selling books through other methods will make you more money. Many times, if you sell your books back at the book store, you’ll make far less than what you paid. I recommend selling books online and with your friends. The following links are a just a few places where you can start your textbook search.

Book Finder

Campus Books

Cheap Text Books (Valore)

Abe Books

Campus Books for Less


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It's peanut butter jelly time!


As I was surfing through blogs on entrecard, an interesting gadget caught my eye. The VAN VACTOR PBJ bagel knife. This was found on the very famous The Peanut Butter Blog. According to the blogger who was skeptical of the product, "
After just one use I was hooked. This knife is amazing! Its wavy blade makes it the perfect tool with runny peanut butter--no more drips all over the outside of the jar or on my plate. It works great with cold, stiff peanut butter from the fridge, too. No need for jelly spoons--it holds the jelly just as well as it holds the runny peanut butter."

Now, this blogger is being given the chance of giving away this amazing PBJ knife for free :) All you have to do is read here

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Winners and Losers (BREAKING NEWS!)


In breaking news, the House has rejected the bill!

The 110 page revised bill issuing a 700 billion dollar bill bail out in three installments will come out with winners, and of course, losers,

Wall Street, financial institutions, CEO’s, Bernakne and Paulson could all benefit from this massive bailout. CEO's of failing companies will be allowed to keep their jobs. If the bailout works as intended, it will enable Americans to get loans for cars, student loans, and the opportunity to open a credit card account. However the confidence that the bill work as hoped is very slim from those on Main Street.

The losers, unfortunately, include those that are facing foreclosure, loosing their homes, or whose homes are less than what they owe. This bill will do little, if anything at all to assist them. According to an article I read on Yahoo, it will also do little to halt the slide in home values. This is said to be one of the root causes of the economic slow down.

This bill will also affect tax payers that will foot the bill. The congress made it clear during their discussions of this bail out those tax payers MUST be protected. The bill will add 700 billion to the national debt. One of the tax payer protections includes that if the bailout fails, tax payers will be compensated in full.

Proponents of the bill claim that the bill could even make the tax payers money. The reality is that very few people believe that the provisions will fix the market. The main criticism is that the bill still does not address or even solve the fundamental problems of why the financial crisis came about in the first place.

The bailout, as mentioned previously, will include 3 installments. The government will be allowed to buy billion of dollars of devalued assets. 250 billion will be available immediately once the bill is passed. The next installment will be released at the authority of the president, and the last installment may be requested by the president if the congress does not act against it.

My thoughts: I hope this bill does not pass because all it does is protect Wall Street and the Bush Administration. If our Founding Fathers were to see the mess we were in, they would be ashamed of us, and all their efforts would have gone in vain. As many protesters have been shouting on Wall Street: "You broke it, you bought it!" It's time these irresponsible companies take responsibility for their actions. Let us hope this bill does NOT pass.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Guide to finding a legit GPT site.


If you’re like most people, the thought of filling out surveys may seem time consuming and not worth the effort. The fact is, while there are many sites out there that tend to scam its users, there are also those that will value their members’ effort. A lot of skeptics may question the purpose of GPT (Get Paid To) sites. Simply put, marketers are looking to get exposure for their products. In return for that exposure, they pay the GPT website and you get part of that profit. Online marketing has become a major tool in promoting virtually every type of product. Usually you will answer questions on a survey with valid information. They can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.

Before you click “join” on any GPT site, make sure you do your research first. Often times, we are referred by someone who wants to make commission off of what we will make. While there is nothing wrong with this, it’s always important to look into the legality of the site before you join.

One thing to do is to look for payment proof. A site can boast and brag about how they pay so much survey, but it won’t mean anything unless its members get paid, and they are sharing that proof with others who are skeptical. In addition to that, you need to look into how often you get paid. Some survey sites require you to accumulate a few thousand points or a certain dollar amount, while the few good ones don’t require you to build up so much money or points in order to get paid. Payout is something to take into consideration. If you want to make some extra money fast, then it is best to pick out surveys where the min. payout is very low would be the best choice.

Whenever I look to join a GPT site, I look at thesed three things: Proof of payment, the positive things people say, and the criticism they have. If the good outweighs the bad, and I see proof, I am assured that my time is not going to be wasted.

The next thing to look out for is responsiveness of the administrators on the sites. I believe that the GPT sites that are legit are the ones that have established members forums. Often times, whenever a member is experiencing problems in offers crediting, or payment delay, they will ask for help on the forum. The sites which I am a part of all have a membership forum where the administrators are attentive to members’ concerns. If you do decide to join a GPT site, visit the forums first. This will prove to be your best friend during your time on the site.

The next thing you should do is check if the site you want to join is on the GPT boycott list. This is a very helpful tool and its purpose is to inform internet users of possible scams out there.

Once you have found your GPT site, make sure you read the guidelines. Often, if you do not follow the guidelines of a site, your account will be suspended. It will be in your best interest to find out how to fill out offers correctly and what actions will get you banned.

My next post will address tips on how to fill out surveys. Keep on reading!

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Oh my Goodness, I got paid!


I got paid from a gpt site. I'm usually a very skeptical person about almost anything. I got involved with these sites in order to make some extra cash. One thing I ALWAYS do is research a site before I join. It doesn't matter if I hear it from word of mouth, online, or through written word, I am the type of person that needs to SEE the proof. I always make it a habit of looking for real payment proof. If I see over a dozen picture proofs, I feel more confident in joining.

The check that I got from a gpt site is Cashcrate When I joined, the min payout was 10 dollars in order to get a check. I easily made over 20 dollars within the first few weeks just with free offers. Lately the rules have changed and members have to make 20 dollars for payout. It really is not that complicated, especially if you already have experience in filling out surveys.

Anyway, here is my own proof of my paymentnt. I blocked my personal info because I think stalkers are creepy.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Do you think it would hurt the U.S. economy if we let the financial banks fail


I was just skimming through an article on yahoo, and it looks like congress came up with a plan of action for this bailout. They call it a rescue, but I still call it a bail. In the end, it seems as if Ol' King Henry has gotten his wish after all... that is of course, with a few restrictions.

Yes, the bailout IS going to be passed. Instead of posting a long droning article on the goods, I'll list the key points and then link you to the article. Overall, I am very disappointed at this agreement.

  • The plan calls for the Treasury Department to buy deeply distressed mortgage-backed securities and other bad debts held by banks and other investors. The money should help troubled lenders make new loans and keep credit lines open. The government would later try to sell the discounted loan packages at the best possible price

  • At the insistence of House Republicans, some money would be devoted to a program that would encourage holders of distressed mortgage-backed securities to keep them and buy government insurance to cover defaults

  • To help struggling homeowners, the plan requires the government to try renegotiating the bad mortgages it acquires with the aim of lowering borrowers' monthly payments so they can keep their homes.

  • Also, the government would receive stock warrants in return for the bailout relief, giving taxpayers a chance to share in financial companies' future profits.

Here is something that caught my eye from the article which had my stomach in knots. (below)

"Money for the rescue plan would be phased in, he said. The first $350 billion would be available as soon as the president requested it. Congress could try to block later amounts if it believed the program was not working. The president could veto such a move, however, requiring extra large margins in the House and Senate to override.

So that basically means that Congress has the authority to stop payments if the rescue plan proved to be faulty. Even still, the President can stop that from happening. So even if this plan is a total disaster, the Executive branch still has the upper hand. So much for checks and balances.

Seriously, I want to know what you think. Do you think these institutions should deserve a bailout. Do you really think that if we let these banks fail, we let the economy fail. Can't we just let them fail? Why take on a risk of risky business. I'd love to hear your comments. It will help me gain some perspective on this matter.

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I could not resist


...but I had to share this HILARIOUS video. As many of you might guess, I'm Indian. Although I am Indian, I really cannot speak my native language fluently. My native tounge is Hindi and Gujatri. As you know, India has over a thousand dialects. If you've watched in Indian movie, then you're pretty aware that its common that in the middle of the movie, the actors break out into song and dance in the middle of a poppy field.

This video is from a South Indian Movie. This is what us English Speakers hear, and trust me, it is too funny to keep to myself :)

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Remembering Paul Newman


"I'd like to be remembered as a guy who tried - who tried to be part of his times, tried to help people communicate with one another, tried to find some decency in his own life, tried to extend himself as a human being. Someone who isn't complacent, who doesn't cop out." Paul Newman

When a legendary actor passes away, a small part of Hollywood dies too. On September 27th, 2008, Paul Newman passed away at the age of 83 from cancer. Considered to be perhaps one of the greatest actor of the 20th century, Newman has acted in over 65 movies for more than 5o years. Even as he grew older, he still carried his presence with energy, charm, and confidence.

Newman was more than just an actor, he was one of the most important actors that defined his generation. He was an actor, film director, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and an auto racing enthusiast.

Today is certainly a sad day for Hollywood and Newman Fans alike.

To read an in depth article here

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Sansi, a better alternative to oven mits


Today, as I was pouring hot water over my ramen noodles with my fat oven mit, I poured some scalping hot water onto my other hand. Hah! What good is an oven mit if your hand is going to get boiled?

Then I thought back to that handy dandy utensil my mom had in her kitchen. You won't find it in the aisles of WalMart, nor will you get it in a kitchen department store in America. This helpful utensil is only sold in India and over the internet through several online stores.

What on earth am I talking about here? The utensil that would have saved my hand from becoming cooked is a Sansi. That's what my mom always called it. A sansi is a stainless steel picker upper, if you will, of hot items. Now how is this better than oven mits? Well the grip on a pot or pan is much better, especially for those pots and pans that are without handles. Sure oven mits are great for pulling cakes and cookies out of the oven, but a sansi ensures that contents of a hot pot will not be dumped on you.

If you are interested in obtaining one, just visit this site. Don't worry, they are not overly expensive. The most you will ever pay for one is 15 dollars (and I think that's an extreme scenario)

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Train with me online


Folks, its that time, summer has ended, and fall is here. However, just because swimsuit season is over, does not mean our work out regimens have to be. A good, balanced work out not only tones your body, and helps you reduce weight, but it also improves your mood. Studies show that people who regularly exercise show a boost in moods and lower rates of depression. The benefits of exercise are just endless, but to sum it up, you'll be a lot healthier. Sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn't it?

Train with me online is an excellent support site dedicated in helping you meet your weight loss goals. Thousands of members have access to fitness tips, exercise video demonstrations, healthy recepies and even a members forum. Getting into shape may be difficult, but you don't have to do it alone. Think of this website as your own private personal trainer. Members are allowed to save exercises to their profile, thus enabling them to compile a work-out series. The exercises are conveniently organized according to emphasis on body part.

The best part of it all, is, it's FREE! Yes that is right, you do not need to pay a single dime to reap the benefits of this. Sorry if I sound like an ad, but it has helped me figure out what exercises to do. If you're like me, then you want to know if an exercise you're doing is correct. It is a life saver for those who are at loss on which exercises to do, what exercises benefit which body part, and what is healthy in terms of diet. Although it is free, there are a few things you may want to invest in if you don't have them already

  • Free weights (for your toning exercises)
  • A good pair of gym shoes
  • A exercise ball
  • A yoga mat
Just because you no longer have to look good in a beach dress, does not mean you should stray from your health goals. After all, you have the holidays to look stunning, confident, and most of all, healthy.

Happy fitness!

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Wamu goes down under


Considered to be the biggest bank failure in American history, WaMu (Washington Mutual Bank) the FDIC claimed WaMu's assets and then sold most of the companies to JP Morgan, now the second largest bank in America. The fall of the bank is due to several factors. After the fall of The Leham Brothers, WaMu customers withdrew earnings approximating 16.7 billion dollars in a ten day period. The panic and uncertainty which caused this massive money withdrawal, left Wamu unable to liquidity their assets.

In the long run, WaMu's failure was due to the mismanagement and misinformed bets on the mortgage market. Due to their risky debts and tumbling mortgages, JP Morgan has dropped the loan portfolio to 31 billion. This however can change if the company decides to take advantage of the bailout IF it goes through.

For current WaMu customers, you are still able to resume regular banking. According to Shelia Bair, (FDIC chairman) what this means for customers is the combination of two banks.

For an in depth article on WaMu's fall, read article

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

R.I.P. checks and balances


R.I.P. checks and balances

If you're unsure whether or not checks and balances are still alive, say your prayers. It seems as if the system which prevents branches of government from taking unprecented powers has finally been put to rest. The approximately 2-3 page bailout bill grants unlimited power to our Ol’ King Henry

In a recent posting I posted uncertainties about the 700 dollar billion bail out, but the more I read about this bill, the more uneasy and skeptical that a bailout will change anything. I am convinced that this is simply trickery and robbery of my hard earned tax dollars. It is infuriating to see the government hand over a blank check to these companies (mind you, that’s OUR money on that blank check) and then not give its tax payers squat in return. Paulsen voices sympathy towards tax payers, but that simply isn't enough, not after asking us to give up money we need so the fat cats of Wall Street can feed their wallets. Where was the bailout when over a million of us got laid off? Where was the bailout for parents who lost their health insurance and couldn't take their kids to the doctor? Where was the bailout when millions of Americans slipped from the middle class into the slums of poverty? Why on earth didn't Paulsen run to congress asking for a blank bail out check to save us? Apparently the American people aren't worth saving, but companies like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG deserve unwarranted money. I have read and reread through the draft, and I see nothing about compensating tax payers.

So let me get this straight Paulsen, you are asking me, an average person, sinking in this economy, to give up approx 2,000 – 3,000 of my money so that irresponsible companies can continue on with their business. I don’t think so. If its one thing I was taught, its taking responsibility for actions. If you f’d up, then YOU pay the price, not somebody else. It is insulting to sit in front of congress, ask for a huge sum of money, and then have a poor bill to back it up. If these companies fail, let them fail. As Sen. Bernie Sanders stated in his excellent speech to congress, “If companies are too big to fail, then they are too big to exist.”

What is even more frustrating for an average American is the unlimited powers this bill grants to Paulsen. View text draft of the bill. If this were a college paper, I would give it an F for poor preparation and complete lack of plan. The bill is vague, fuzzy, and has no indications how tax payers will get compensated for this Armageddon of a bill.

The bill states that courts or other agencies will NOT be allowed to review this act. "Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency." So that basically means if the government wants to use that money in a fraudulent way, it can go ahead and do that. Checks and balances cannot bother to interfere with the fat cats of Washington and the actions of this faulty administration. First it was called a bailout, now they are referring it to a rescue plan. Perhaps the word bail was unsettling to Americans. However, renaming it something else is no different. A wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf.

By asking congress (ultimately THE PEOPLE) to have courts NOT review the bill, the administration looses their credibility to the American People. Their supposed claims are that they want to fix the economy, and the only way to do that is to pass the bill. If that is the case, why keep everything hush hush? What possibly could Paulsen do that would allow him execute this bill behind closed doors. If he wants to fix this mess, at least have the decency to do it in the open. Doing the opposite only proves you have something to hide.

Case in point, the administration is openly stealing money. As I said before, you fuk up, then you pay up. Perhaps we need to go through a quick recap in the Great Depression, because that is exactly where we will end up of our careless government is not careful.

Sen. Ron Paul said it best when he wrote “The only thing we learned from history, I am afraid, is that we don’t learn from history.”

It’s time Bush and his hazardous buddies get knocked off their high horse. Contact your state reps and say no, no, no, a million times no to this bill!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Start off your laughs with The Office Gang


Yes! It is FINALLY here, New Office Season Premiere Tomorrow!

I remember a few years ago when a friend was so adamant about me watching OFFICE, I would dismiss it, and go back to whatever I was doing. I’ve glanced at it a few times here and there, and I just didn’t get the humor. It took at least 5 or 6 shows to get into it and now…

And now… I am a huge fan of this show. The humor is a bit dry, but the dialogue is phenomenal! I’ve gone from hating Dwight to adoring him and his almost always loyalty to Michael Scott. Jim and his hilarious jokes have won me over to this show. If you have not seen a few shows, and watch an episode now! ( ) It takes a while to get into it, but you’ll be doubling over with laughter, especially when you see the episode where Jim hides Andy Bernard’s cell phone within the ceiling tiles.

I am impatiently awaiting the season premiere, and although it is one day away, I have never been so excited for anything in my life.

How will Jim ever propose to Pam when Andy stole the lime light?

Will Michael and the new HR lady be more than working aqunatinces, and how will that rub off on Jan?

Will Michael be introduced into the baby's life?

What will poor farmboy Dwight Schrute do, will his already broken heart mend now that his ex might get married to another man.

oh the questions, the questions. And I will finally start to get some of these answers tomorrow!

If you're an Office Fan, say hi!

Don't forget to watch the Season 5 premiere tomorrow on NBC.

and now, I leave you with one of my all time favorite clips from The Office ;)

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An average American's take and undecided view on the 700 billion dollar bail.


If the Bush Administration couldn’t make any more mouth dropping, eye popping decisions, this one definitely takes the cake.

I don’t know about the rest of you, and I can’t speak for the rest of you, but I can speak for myself. Quite frankly, I am immensely angry at Paulsen’s effort to convince congress to accept the 700 billion dollar bailout. Doesn’t that cost more than the total cost of the IRAQ war? Let’s see, a 700 billion dollar bail out means that’s 3,000 dollars per taxpayer. It is in fact, the largest bailout since the Great Depression. You need more than 3 pages to validate that much of a bailout. What exactly are tax payers getting from this bailout? Money is already tight for a lot of Americans, and the last thing we is to see our hard earned money pull failing financial companies out of the hole. Why should tax payers have to take financial responsibility for the irresponsibility’s of these companies? If they want a bailout, then they need to provide an immediate incentive or something to tax payers. If we’re footing this bill, we need something in return.

I understand that the economy is in peril, and I do realize the intended purpose of the bailout is to save the falling economy, but in reality, will it really work? The Bush Administration does not display a promising track record, and its decisions have cost us unjustified tax dollars. Is this bailout any different? I, including many Americans, want to know if the bailout is really a good idea, and if it will actually help in the long run. Do these companies have any plans so that it doesn’t happen again, and if so, what will they do to convince tax payers that the bailout is worth it? The administration’s quick, 2 year plan bailout seems to lack a strategic game plan. Either that or I must be blind and am not able to understand the sheer brilliance of it. I am not that economically savvy, but something stinks about this plan. This is a matter needs to be looked over carefully, and I believe other alternatives should be considered.

I am a bit unsure of how I feel about this bailout. I feel really skeptical that this is the right thing for the administration to do. Hopefully some of you can shed some light, how do you feel about the bailout?

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A mixed bag of random postings.


Well, this post is somewhat of a mixed bag of a post. I wanted to let my readers (yes if you’re reading this… you’re a reader) know about some changes coming up.

One change, I have not decided if I want to implement yet. I guess I’ll ask you guys. I want to change the title of my blog to my original one. Does God want you to believe in Him?” I got the idea when I read one of Lenoard Cohen’s poems, and it just stuck in my head. Or… do you think I should stick with the blog header (title) I have now.

Yay or Nay?

The next change is that I have started another blog. It is not a personal blog, but more of a blog for parents and teachers, or anyone that loves books. I was an education major, and many of my college courses taught me just how wonderful books are with stimulating learning. I started this blog today, so it is a working process. The main gist of the blog is to summarize the book, give out my 2 cents, and a possible extension activity from the book. If you’re a parent, some of these might be fun activities to do with your kids. My goal is to add 1-2 entries a day whenever I have computer access. I will not post up the blog link just yet, however, if you are a entrecard user, I believe I have linked my blog. I will make my blog “official” on here, once I’ve hit a certain number of entries.

The other change deals with me not being able to blog as much as I would like to. When I am home, I tend to blog a lot. However, I have been traveling a lot between the northern part of Illinois and the Southern Part of Illinois. My boyfriend is doing his internship in order to become a funeral director, so he basically gets called when somebody dies. I stay with him in Tower Hill in his mother’s log cabin in the middle of nowhere because there really is nothing for me to do at my apartment. I will return to blogging in a week or two, and then I might be gone again for some time. Just wanted to let my entrecard droppers know, that if I did not drop on your blog, and you dropped on mine, don’t worry, I’ll get to it eventually.

Anyway, that’s about it.

Thanks for reading folks!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Get greedy


When it comes to making money online, I think it’s only wise to pursue as a side job. I am part of a few gpt sites which has helped me make some pocket change here and there. I do surveys whenever I feel like it, really.

I used to fill out surveys at Cashcrate, but after my first payment, I let my performance slide. In all honesty, I’m upset about the 20 dollars payout. If you are a Cashcrate member, you know exactly what I mean. For those that don’t, be warned, if you join, you’ll need to earn 20 dollars before you can get paid. I still recommend joining the site if you’re a pro at GPT sites. The members on the forums are extremely helpful, so if you are a newbee, they will help you with open arms. I still consider myself a novice, so I take part in several sites, making sure I don’t redo the same offer twice.

Anyway the point of this blog is to talk about a fairly new gpt site which I am paying more attention to. So far, the site has been working well, and I have been getting credited for over half of my offers. Its like other GPT sites but with more perks. If you’re familiar with GPT sites, and have not discovered this site, this will be something worth checking out.

*50 cent minimum payout
*No fees taken out of paypal
*5 dollar minimum checks
*Payment via paypal, check, or visa gift card.
*loads of free offers.
*An international site.
*3 level referral system
*payouts in 24 hours or less

if you're curious if it pays, yes it does. Sign up for yourself, do a few surveys, and once you reach min. pay out, request a payout.

I don’t consider this GPT site the best because similar to Cash crate, this site has a possibility of going down hill. My theory is to take advantage of the site now while the perks are still fresh.. So go on, and get greedy with greedy clicks
Greedy Clicks

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Monday, September 15, 2008

I like change, but not when it comes to FB.


I am an avid user of Facebook. In fact, Facebook is currently the only social networking site I use. I previously had Friendster, HI5, myspace, Yuwie, and a few others. I ended up canceling all of them, and staying loyal to Facebook.

All that may change if the founder of Facebook does not revert back to the original layout. I am having a difficult time figuring out where everything is, where my photo album is, and where my wall comments are.

The only thing I know how to do is change my status.

There HAS to be a way to revert back to the old layout, I'm not feeling this one!

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Hiking in a cemetery.


Hiking in a cemetery.

When I was younger, the thought of sleeping by myself used to scare the living daylights out of me. Even at the age of 11, I hated lying in bed with the lights off. I always had to have my closet lights open. Everything changed when I met my boyfriend.

Paul loves horror movies, and he got me to love them too. Currently, the only types of movies that will keep me awake are horror movies. This obsession with horror movies has lead to my fascination with cemeteries. The more history there is behind it, the more intrigued I’m with it. My boyfriend lives in a small town, Tower Hill, and I usually drive through by a lot of cemeteries. There is one cemetery which I’ve visited a few times, and there is another one that is said to have high paranormal activity in, which I am just dying to visit.

Ridge Cemetery, which was formerly a part of Williamsburg Hill is known for the possible ghostly activity. An indication is given by a very active microwave tower upon the hill. The town itself, Williamsburg Hill was a bustling town for about 40 years. The town had its own dentists, Barbour, saloon, etc. The town eventually became a ghost town, and was finally destroyed in the 60’s. I believe that Ridge Cemetery is the only main part of Williamsburg that still stands today.

I’ve visited the cemetery twice during the day, and would like to go see it during nights. There have been many occurrences where people have seen ghostly figures, spirits sobbing, and even occurrences on a daily basis. People that have lived near the cemetery have observed numerous strange things that have happened. When you drive to the cemetery, there is a winding uphill road that you must drive on. After you past the first few houses, you’re surrounded by forest. The gate to the cemetery is open. It is said that one of the trees in the cemeteries was used to lynch people on.

The cemetery I would like to visit is Cemetery X. The reason it is called Cemetery X is to protect the real name of the graveyard. Due to extremely high paranormal activity reported by ghost hunters, the cemetery is given a false name. I know that people still do get buried there, and the cemetery is about 20-30 miles away from Tower Hill, IL.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Calling all experienced bloggers!


This newbee needs your help. I feel as if the right side of my blog is becoming a bit too cluttered. I want to make use of the left side of my blog. I figured there is no point putting black space to waste. However, I am so worried about losing everything, that I do not want to go through it again.

Does anyone know how to put widgets on both sides of a blog?

Sorry if this may seem a little stupid to ask. :S

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Getting screwed by a medicore landlord


Two days ago, in the mail, I received a check for$91.84 cents in the mail. Looking at the address of this check, I was outraged. HOW DARE THEY!

Paying 470 for a security deposit at a worn down complex and then getting back less than a hundred dollars was more than I could handle. The management that works for the landlord wanted to give me back 369 dollars, which isn't that bad. However, this pompous ass (excuse the language) thought it would be just dandy to charge me all sorts of fees to fix crap that he refused to fix when I called a dozen times while living there.

I had stove drip pans that were in a miserable, worn-out condition. I called my rental management, and they told me that the owner was responsible for replacing them. O.k. fine. So I try to get a hold of the owner, and I can't even reach him. Nope... he manages a building, but is hardly at HIS building. He does not give his tenants any sort of indication of how to reach him, or what to do if a fire broke out in the building. So back to the drip pans... I eventually found out from the rental management that the owner did not want to pay for it, that I would have to. Well screw that! Why should I pay for drip pans, I paid 470 dollars with the expectation that I would not have to buy my own drip pans! I lived a whole year using that filthy stove, with the crusted/rusty drip pans, and even tried cleaning it several times. I never thought the owner would have the audacity to charge me money to replace those burners.

I even got charged for replaced batteries in a smoke detector battery. The battery was not even removed from the device, and 3.75 is a little bit too much to pay for smoke detector batteries.

I could go on and on of how much this owner has tried to rip off his tenants. Why my management agreed to do business with this loser, i will never understand. All I know is I'm not taking this sitting down. I've already complained to legal services (and this guy has had a LOAD of problems with our campus legal services).

I should have received the 369 that the rental management agreed to, so I have no grudges against them. The owner on the other hand, needs to get a job that is a bit more fitting for him... maybe a used cars salesman would be a bit more in his niche?

So I guess I'll ask you readers a question: Have you ever been ripped off by someone? It does not have to be your landlord who did it, it could be your work, your best friend, or even some blogger who promised you would make all sorts of cash. Who ripped you off? And how did you handle it?

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

If I only had a billion of me and all the time in the world.


For those that have dropped their card on my blog, thank you for taking the time to drop. Like all bloggers, it means a great deal when other people view my page.

Ever since I joined Entrecard, I've been getting many drops, which I love so much because I get a chance to read a variety of blogs. Its amazing to see the various topics that are bloggable. I try so hard to visit every blog that drops a card on my site, I really do. Sometimes I wish there were a billion of me and all the time in the world, then I would be able to visit blogs all day.

Sadly, this is fantasy, and there is a thing called reality. However, I saw a blogger who made this fantasy a reality. She enabled a widget on her blog which enabled her to generate 300 drops a day.

I really don't agree with this because the dropper is dropping in terms of quantity instead of actually looking at the content of the blog.

Although it is tempting to use to increase my credits, I'd rather drop manually. What can I say, I like to do things the good old fashioned way.

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Journey to blogging for traffic


For the past month or so, I have become really intrigued with blogging for traffic. Although I enjoy writing, I discovered there is a lot more than good content to increase visitors to your site. With all the information and tips given from countless blogs and web sites, it is hard to see what works and what doesn't work in terms of traffic. Although I am fairly new to this, I have discovered a few important things when optimizing traffic.

  • Update your blog daily. Nobody likes a stagnant blog
  • Make friends with blog users in your niche. Establish a relationship with them, and exchange links
  • Write articles and link them to your blog
  • Explore other blogs. Do not spam your link on every blog, instead, leave a genuine comment and your link.
  • Get Entrecard and start dropping.
  • Include tags in each post (I need to work on this) Use keywords that highlight the content of the blog
  • Keep an open and creative mind

I am still on this journey for blogging for traffic. In the meantime, I will do what I do best, and that is writing.

Bloggers if you have any tips, or blogs related to this topic, send a comment. If I post it on this post, you will have your link posted.


I found a blog which I do enjoy reading, and it provides realistic tips on writing for money. We all want to earn money with our words, but are we really doing it right? Whether its writing for a blog, writing for a book, or anything, visit Are you writing for money?

I found this site to be helpful, especially because I'm experiencing all sorts of writer's block. For now, I am just writing for the passion, not for the money. Sure, I want money, who doesn't. It's like saying "Hi, I don't like free money"

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another poem from back in the day



I yelled at my mom
Cuz she said I wasn't serouis
I yelled at my sister
Cuz she wrote on my homework
I yelled at my brother
Cuz he drove his remote control car
Right into my foot!
I yelled at the weatherman
Cuz he said it would snow
I yelled at my friend
Cuz she wasn't being honest
I yelled at my self
Cuz I yelled at everyone else

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A poem from back in the day.



I'm mad at my friends
for being better than me
I'm mad at my parents
for not giving me everything i wanted
I'm mad at school
because I didnt get any smarter
and now im mad at myself
because I could have worked harder

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trying to find religion/culture


"Mom, why do we have to worship a thousand gods?"
"Beta, we don't have that many gods, they are just deities of Bhagvan."

This conversation was typical every Sunday, when my parents would force me to go to Swadhiya school. Swadhiya, is basically the Indian version of Sunday school. I hated going because it meant getting up early, sitting for an hour and reciting prayers and discussing the significance of those prayers. I spent my years in high school trying to avoid my culture and religion. While my mom was adamant about me not forgetting my roots, I was determined on becoming uprooted and becoming my own person, whoever that was. I didn't like Indian food, (probably because my mom cooked it everyday) and all I wanted was a good old fashioned hamburger. I disliked going to Indian social parties, and I couldn't sit through an hour of Sunday School.

Currently, I regret my avoidance of my culture. During my freshman year of college, I published a three page auto-biography narrative which was published in our university's English test. The essay outlined my struggle living as an Indian and American. In high school, I was trying to be "American" while my parents tried to instill "Indian" values. The essay then went on to explain how I arrived in college and how I did not know who I was. Am I Indian, or am I American? I gave the essay a happy ending: I found both cultures, and I learned to hold onto my culture AND be American.

Oh, how I wish that happened. Sadly, I feel even more distanced from my culture than ever. With stress from living on my own, my financial aid from college falling through, my difficulty in finding a job, no car, and no social life, I feel as if I need culture/religion more than ever in my life.

I feel as if I need to establish some sort of an identity, because without it, I don't see what my purpose is.

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Avoiding an unforgiving toothache.


I have a very bad tendency of avoiding health related issues, especially when it concerns me. I haven't been to a doctor in over a year, mainly because of no health insurance. I'm not attending school currently, so I am unable to get insurance from the university. While I could pay a pretty low fee for coverage, I'm already struggling just to juggle my payments with whatever little I have, all while looking for work.

Anyway, I've been avoiding getting my tooth checked until I can find a free clinic or something that can do a free check up. I could not find any free dental clinics in my town. With no car, it is sort of difficult to travel out of the city. (I've gotten where I needed to go by walking or taking university transportation)

So basically, I've been avoiding getting my tooth checked. I've been using extra products just to control the ache, but nothing seems to work. My boyfriend loves scaring me whenever I complain about it, but this time when he did, I knew he wasn't joking.

"You know if you don't get that checked, they're going to pull your teeth out."

So I guess, I have a question for readers, and it may be a stupid one: How can someone who has no health coverage (including dental) get a toothache checked out?

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A little help?


Well I'm getting quite bored of this blog layout, and if I change it, I'm afraid of I will loose all my widgets, gadgets and other 'ets. I would like a layout that expresses my personality, but I have no idea how to upload a template without loosing everything that I have.

Anyone know how I can do this, I would be really grateful!

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Mother admits to being drunk but not microwaving baby.


While browsing through a forum, a member’s thread title caught my eye. “Mother kills baby in a microwave” Intrigued by the title of this hideous crime, I went to google and typed up the subject in the search box. Sure enough, a woman for Dayton Ohio was convicted of killing her baby, and the weapon... yes you guessed it…A MICROWAVE According to police and prosecutors, the baby suffered from internal heating damages but none that were external. In court, the mother pleaded “Not guilty” to the charges, but went ahead and said ‘Well gee, maybe if I wasn’t so drunk, my baby would still be alive’ Ok well she really didn’t say gee, but she did admit to being drunk and that her baby might still be alive if she were sober.

Even if the mother did not microwave her child, she is still 100 percent responsible for what happened to her child. Disagree with me, but I think not knowing what is happening to your child while being intoxicated is just as bad as killing the child. Its sad how parents knowingly or unknowingly hurt their children. I feel no sympathy for this woman because she chose to get drunk and therefore chose to kill her baby by not even bothering to be a responsible mother to see if she was o.k.. I find the defendant guilty as charged. No the verdict isn’t out, but in my mind, the case is closed.

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Hahaha, I'm making money off of survey sites...are you?


I don't mean to sound so condescending with my title post, but I am incredibly happy. For two weeks I have been part of a survey site. After some extensive research, and seeing proof of payment, I decided to go for it. After all, what can I loose except my time, which I have a lot of currently.
Well it turns out that 2 weeks of casually filling out free offers paid off. Within 2 weeks, I earned 37 dollars. Its not that much, but its something for doing nothing. BTW my check is processing and should be here around Sept. 20th.
I found that survey sites are a great way to earn some extra income, and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure them out. It's sad however, because, there are so many scams out there, that it takes so much patience to sort out through the good sites and bad sites. The only time I will join a site is when I see various proofs of payment, and reviews. If I see reviews that are constant, such as a site that does not pay, then I don't bother signing up for it. I have also found this great site that lists scam sites and the complaints these sites have been getting. If you're wondering if a certain site is a scam, or you come across a scam survey site, then this site will help.
Anyway, to those who think they can't make money from surveys, you're wrong, you can. I'm part of another survey site where I get paid out pretty fast, and I can transfer money to my paypal account and then bank account. I don't recommend taking surveys as a full time job, and if you're considering it, let me save you the thought, DON'T DO IT. I'm part of a few, and its helped me earn a little extra on the side.

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Blogging: A new past time for luvikavi


I'm afraid I've found a new addiction, and its much better than soda pop or chocolate candies. For the past week or so, I've joined Entrecard to read blogs, and hopefully, have a few people read my blog. I love talking, and sometimes I feel as if people in real life don't have the patience to listen to my ramblings. If you're on this page, then you must be interested? No...oh please don't go away!
Anyway, I am having a great time reading through blogs. I usually read the blogs before I drop because I feel as if I owe it to the person who worked hard to create it. I sure wouldn't like it if someone dropped their card without reading at least one post in my blog.
I admit that I am completely new at this whole blogging thing, and in all honestly, I made this blog to get me into the habit of writing. One thing I am finding really helpful is the blogs I have been reading. Its inspired me to write about anything, and makes me confident knowing that nothing is too dumb enough to write about.
Thanks bloggers, and keep on blogging! :)

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