Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Getting screwed by a medicore landlord


Two days ago, in the mail, I received a check for$91.84 cents in the mail. Looking at the address of this check, I was outraged. HOW DARE THEY!

Paying 470 for a security deposit at a worn down complex and then getting back less than a hundred dollars was more than I could handle. The management that works for the landlord wanted to give me back 369 dollars, which isn't that bad. However, this pompous ass (excuse the language) thought it would be just dandy to charge me all sorts of fees to fix crap that he refused to fix when I called a dozen times while living there.

I had stove drip pans that were in a miserable, worn-out condition. I called my rental management, and they told me that the owner was responsible for replacing them. O.k. fine. So I try to get a hold of the owner, and I can't even reach him. Nope... he manages a building, but is hardly at HIS building. He does not give his tenants any sort of indication of how to reach him, or what to do if a fire broke out in the building. So back to the drip pans... I eventually found out from the rental management that the owner did not want to pay for it, that I would have to. Well screw that! Why should I pay for drip pans, I paid 470 dollars with the expectation that I would not have to buy my own drip pans! I lived a whole year using that filthy stove, with the crusted/rusty drip pans, and even tried cleaning it several times. I never thought the owner would have the audacity to charge me money to replace those burners.

I even got charged for replaced batteries in a smoke detector battery. The battery was not even removed from the device, and 3.75 is a little bit too much to pay for smoke detector batteries.

I could go on and on of how much this owner has tried to rip off his tenants. Why my management agreed to do business with this loser, i will never understand. All I know is I'm not taking this sitting down. I've already complained to legal services (and this guy has had a LOAD of problems with our campus legal services).

I should have received the 369 that the rental management agreed to, so I have no grudges against them. The owner on the other hand, needs to get a job that is a bit more fitting for him... maybe a used cars salesman would be a bit more in his niche?

So I guess I'll ask you readers a question: Have you ever been ripped off by someone? It does not have to be your landlord who did it, it could be your work, your best friend, or even some blogger who promised you would make all sorts of cash. Who ripped you off? And how did you handle it?

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Shannon@Vogue Mum said...

i had an old roomate who was going to stay an extra 2 weeks and pay for it herself. Come to find out, she didn't pay and trashed it. The landlord held me responsible cuz she couldn't get a hold of her. What did i do? Small claims babe! She refused to pay me saying they were lying. i knew where her parents lived and where she worked. She paid after she was hit with the papers. You don't mess with someone's money or family, don't they know that??

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