Thursday, July 23, 2009

Has it been that long?


Well it appears I have come out of hiding from behind my rock. A lot has happened during the time I have not written, and I have gotten extremely lazy about writing daily.

Well here are some highlights of what has happened:

1. I have one more year left of school before I apply into Grad school. Fun, fun. I bought study cards to study vocab words for the GRE. I'm having super fun with this because I love using words that throw people off. My boyfriend likes to sing jibbersh songs to himself, and to me, and I'd have to tell him to stop his sprattle

2. I have more job responsibilities at the office I work as and got assiged as office manager. It doesn't feel that special, especially because I'm paid the same as I was before.

3. My boyfriend's brother was found dead on mothers day. May his soul rest in peace

4.My little sister graduated from one of the finest schools in Illinois and is off to college to study cellular biology. When it comes to science, I'm as dumb as they come. Ask her about the cell structure, and she'll explain it well. However, ask me about different stages of development in a child, and you'll be listening to me for two hours

I'm pretty sure I'm forgotting some really important things, but bear in mind, its 1 am in the morning, I'm totally lacking in sleep, and I'm hyped up on green tea.

My later posts will be much more productive, I promise

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