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Guide to finding a legit GPT site.


If you’re like most people, the thought of filling out surveys may seem time consuming and not worth the effort. The fact is, while there are many sites out there that tend to scam its users, there are also those that will value their members’ effort. A lot of skeptics may question the purpose of GPT (Get Paid To) sites. Simply put, marketers are looking to get exposure for their products. In return for that exposure, they pay the GPT website and you get part of that profit. Online marketing has become a major tool in promoting virtually every type of product. Usually you will answer questions on a survey with valid information. They can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.

Before you click “join” on any GPT site, make sure you do your research first. Often times, we are referred by someone who wants to make commission off of what we will make. While there is nothing wrong with this, it’s always important to look into the legality of the site before you join.

One thing to do is to look for payment proof. A site can boast and brag about how they pay so much survey, but it won’t mean anything unless its members get paid, and they are sharing that proof with others who are skeptical. In addition to that, you need to look into how often you get paid. Some survey sites require you to accumulate a few thousand points or a certain dollar amount, while the few good ones don’t require you to build up so much money or points in order to get paid. Payout is something to take into consideration. If you want to make some extra money fast, then it is best to pick out surveys where the min. payout is very low would be the best choice.

Whenever I look to join a GPT site, I look at thesed three things: Proof of payment, the positive things people say, and the criticism they have. If the good outweighs the bad, and I see proof, I am assured that my time is not going to be wasted.

The next thing to look out for is responsiveness of the administrators on the sites. I believe that the GPT sites that are legit are the ones that have established members forums. Often times, whenever a member is experiencing problems in offers crediting, or payment delay, they will ask for help on the forum. The sites which I am a part of all have a membership forum where the administrators are attentive to members’ concerns. If you do decide to join a GPT site, visit the forums first. This will prove to be your best friend during your time on the site.

The next thing you should do is check if the site you want to join is on the GPT boycott list. This is a very helpful tool and its purpose is to inform internet users of possible scams out there.

Once you have found your GPT site, make sure you read the guidelines. Often, if you do not follow the guidelines of a site, your account will be suspended. It will be in your best interest to find out how to fill out offers correctly and what actions will get you banned.

My next post will address tips on how to fill out surveys. Keep on reading!

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Oh my Goodness, I got paid!


I got paid from a gpt site. I'm usually a very skeptical person about almost anything. I got involved with these sites in order to make some extra cash. One thing I ALWAYS do is research a site before I join. It doesn't matter if I hear it from word of mouth, online, or through written word, I am the type of person that needs to SEE the proof. I always make it a habit of looking for real payment proof. If I see over a dozen picture proofs, I feel more confident in joining.

The check that I got from a gpt site is Cashcrate When I joined, the min payout was 10 dollars in order to get a check. I easily made over 20 dollars within the first few weeks just with free offers. Lately the rules have changed and members have to make 20 dollars for payout. It really is not that complicated, especially if you already have experience in filling out surveys.

Anyway, here is my own proof of my paymentnt. I blocked my personal info because I think stalkers are creepy.

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