Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh my Goodness, I got paid!


I got paid from a gpt site. I'm usually a very skeptical person about almost anything. I got involved with these sites in order to make some extra cash. One thing I ALWAYS do is research a site before I join. It doesn't matter if I hear it from word of mouth, online, or through written word, I am the type of person that needs to SEE the proof. I always make it a habit of looking for real payment proof. If I see over a dozen picture proofs, I feel more confident in joining.

The check that I got from a gpt site is Cashcrate When I joined, the min payout was 10 dollars in order to get a check. I easily made over 20 dollars within the first few weeks just with free offers. Lately the rules have changed and members have to make 20 dollars for payout. It really is not that complicated, especially if you already have experience in filling out surveys.

Anyway, here is my own proof of my paymentnt. I blocked my personal info because I think stalkers are creepy.


Sherry said...

is it open for international to take part?

luvikavi said...

Cash crate is mostly for us members but international members can join and get u.s. referrals

Greedy clicks, which I think is better than Cash Crate, is a lot better for international members. Their payout rate is better, and it pays through paypal within 24 hours. Just click on the greedy clicks banner below my blog for more info.



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