Saturday, October 17, 2009

Couple is refused the right to get married


I am going to make an assumption here when I say that we have come a long way since the civil movement. People of all different cultures, race, and creed are allowed to attend the same schools, universities, and same public facilities. Not only that, but interracial marriages are already increasingly common. With the fact that mixed marriages are a very big part of our diverse society, I think it is becoming accepted into main stream society.

Sadly, not everyone accepts interracial marriages, and one such person is a justice from one of the South Eastern states. Justice Birdwell refused to marry a couple (woman white, and man black) not because he was racist as he claimed, but because he was concerned about the children they were going to have, and the challenges they would face being biracial children.

Although I understand Birdwell's explanation that if he marries one interracial couple, then he has to marry all interracial couples that come to him, I believe it is not his place to pick and chose who he can marry. As a justice, his job is to marry two people that love each other. Whatever problems their children may have down the road is for the couple to worry about, not Justice Birdwell.

Is it just me, or do any of you think that Justice Birdwell has no right to refuse any interracial couple the right to marriage?

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Diwali everyone


A lot of people may not know what Diwali is, and honestly, although I am Indian, I am not that knowledgeable on the exact description. What I do know is that Diwali, in India, is known as the Festival of Lights.

Since I am not very good at explaining this magnificent holiday, here is a little excerpt from a website I found that gave an excellent description on what Diwali is:

"What Is Diwali Deepavali - the very name of this festival reveals its meaning. The festival is all about the lighting diyas. Later the term 'Deepawali' became 'Diwali'. Deepawali or Diwali is also known as 'the festival of lights', because on this day, people illuminate their home and premises with diyas and colorful lights. Celebrated usually in the month of October or November, Diwali bears significance in the Hindu culture as well as among Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains. The legends connected to the festival are different for different religions. "

To read more about Diwali, click HERE

Oh, and Happy Diwali all!

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The stages of change.


Hey all!

I know I have not been exactly consistent with my blogging posts, I just have felt chaotic balancing life with school, my school organizations, and helping out at the homeless shelter near my campus.

On another note, I wanted to share with you one of the main important topics we have been discussing in our Management of Human & Family Resources.

Prochaska and his peers have done a lot of research and study in the transtheoretical model of change. I think this model of change is important for anyone in any stage of their life who is looking to change an existing, non-productive, and non-beneficial behavior.

Please click HERE to read the article I wrote on stages of change, and let me know what you think!

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

What is your mission statement?


In my Management of Human and Family Resources class, we just finished reading Covey's book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Now when I say we, that we does not include me. When it comes to this book, I have procrastinated like no other. So instead of being proactive (Covey's first habit), and instead of putting first things first (Habit 3) I ended up being reactive to the fact that I have an exam on this book, and doing things at the last minute.

WELL NO MORE! I picked up the book for the past few days and read it religiously. I wasn't doing it because I had some silly test, I started reading it because I wanted to be a better person, and wanted to make changes in my life. Covey's 7 habits is some pretty insightful stuff.

With that in mind, I decided to write a mission statement, much like the one described in Covey's book. A mission statement is based on your deepest core values, or principles. A mission statement will never change, because your principles will never change. Once I wrote my mission statement, I had a clear vision of my roles, my obligations, and what my responsibilities were. In fact, here is a part of my mission statement:

"I establish myself as a self-reliant individual that regularly takes time off for herself. I am an indispensable asset of this world. Because of this, I tend to my emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Doing this ensures that I can successfully fulfill my other roles in life. I honor promises I make to myself, and therefore, I value promises made to others. I find pleasure in life’s non materialistic things, and draw on my Indian culture for strength and identity. I remind myself not to take advantage of the little things in life. More importantly, I laugh more than I cry, and smile more than I frown. I accept my flaws. Finally, I deal with failures in a way that tells me things will get better.
With that in mind, think about your own personal mission statement. What type of person do you want to be. Remember to focus on your principles! When you are clear with what your principles are, start to write your statement out. Trust me, once you are finished, you will have a sense of direction and empowerment.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Reminisces with Life, Food, and Growing up


When my mom was pregnant with me, her pregnancy was normal, and she gained only a little weight. When I was born, I was a full term baby. My mom chose to breast feed me for the first four months of my life, and bottle fed for the remaining eight months of my first year.When I was five months old, I started eating solid foods such as baby cereal, puree carrots, bananas, peaches, and pureed rice.

As a toddler, I remember running from my mother and hiding under the dining room table whenever I had to eat. According to her, I was an extremely picky eater and gave a difficult time eating foods. I know this is normal because a lot of toddlers are picky when it comes to their food choices. She also recalled that I was a very slow eater, so I was often forced to finish my meals quickly. Because I am Indian, and my parents were born and raised in India, a lot of my diet consisted of delicacies commonly made in India. I would have American foods mainly during my lunch time. Pasta and pizza was a common American dish at lunch time. During dinner time I would eat a lot of rice, vegetables, and Indian style tortilla. I was often fed bahth (rice) and dhayi (plain yogurt). I also remember my mom putting ghee (melted butter) on some of the Indian dishes. My mother did, and still does, all the cooking.

When I was a child, my family did not eat out frequently. In fact, it was a once in a blue moon event for us. All of our meals were home cooked. The only time we would eat out was for a special occasion. My family did not eat out for convenience. I greatly looked forward to eating out because it was something that rarely occurred. In addition to restricting how often our family ate out, my parents, especially my dad restricted how much pop my siblings and I drank. I remember I would frequently sneak coke up from our basement crawl space. The only time we were allowed to have pop was with pizza, and that was only once a week. In fact, there was a time my coke drinking got out of hand that he had to find a hiding place for it.

When I was the only child, my mother did not touch or cook meat. All of our dishes were vegetarian, with the exception of eggs. When I was in high school, and my brother and sister were a little older, my mother started cooking chicken curry and Tandoori Chicken. For religious and ethical reasons, my mom, sister, and brother are now vegetarians. My father and I are the only meat eaters in the family. Although we eat meat, we only eat white meat, and avoid red meat.

Besides the restriction of pop and meat, candy and sugared drinks were greatly restricted in our diets. Whenever my siblings and I went trick or treating our dad only let us have a few pieces of candy, and then hid the rest. I could only have one piece of candy two or three times a month at the most.

Although certain foods were restricted, whatever I was allowed to eat, I was always told not to waste it, and finish whatever food was on my plate. I hated peas and would often hide them in my napkin, and throw it away. If I wasted food, my parents would lecture me on kids in other countries who have nothing to eat.

As a child, I remember liking certain foods, but completely ignoring others. The foods that were limited to me were the ones I wanted the most. I wanted to eat cookies, cake, ice cream and foods with lots of sugar. My mother became very aware of what she cooked and the family’s eating habits when I was a senior in high school. My grandfather passed away unexpectedly in his sleep when I was 17. My mother discovered that he passed away because he was not taking good care of his health. After that unfortunate incident, she started putting less salt in our foods, stopped cooking with too much butter, and limiting our egg intake. In fact, whenever we cooked eggs, she would make us throw out half of the yolk.

My eating habits have completely changed since high school and my first three years of college. I went from someone who always desired American food, and got sick of Indian food, to someone who grew tired of bland American food and wanted the ethnic dishes my mother made while living at home. The first year of college, when I was in the dorm, I grew tired of the food they served, and that was when I realized how much I missed the food my mother cooked. Currently, I take very good care of myself, and this includes being aware of what I eat. I always look at the nutrition label of everything I eat, and I compare food choices to others in order to pick which is the healthiest. A few years ago I loved pop, but now, I only have it once in a while if I eat out. In addition to limiting my pop intake, I also limit my sugar and salt intake. I rarely use salt when I cook because I know that the foods I make already have their own sodium content. Instead of using sugar in my coffee or tea, I use natural honey instead. When I go shopping, I only aim for the healthy foods, such as whole grain, drinks with no high fructose corn syrup, soy milk, skim milk, organic foods, fruits, and vegetables. Since I am a college student it is hard to eat healthy all the time, and because of my busy schedule, there are some times convenience wins. For example, I’ll make a pizza, or eat out. However, I’ll try to pick the healthiest food choice if I do eat out. Most of the times, I try cooking my own foods. I started eating healthy because I wanted to loose the weight I gained in college. Eventually, the healthier I started eating, the better I felt mentally, emotionally, and physically. I now try to follow the French proverb, “Eat to live, don’t live to eat”

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Papa John reunites with his Camero


Have you ever parted with something many years ago and would do anything to get it back, perhaps pay 250,000 for it? If you'd pay a hefty fee to reunite with something that was once yours back in the day, you're not alone. The owner of Papa John, John Schnatter sold his beloved gold and black 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 for 2,800 in 1983. The sale at the time was necessary to keep his family's business running, and saved his father's bar in Indiana. The rest of the money from the car was used to start his, now, well known pizza place.

John missed this old memory, and spent years searching for this car. After years of searching the car, he was able to locate his car through a blog by Jalopnik. It was discovered that since the sale of his Camero, the car had been sold to one more person. The current owner of the car, who goes by the name Robinson, returned the car, and got the 250,000.

Alas, Schnatter was reunited with his car. In fact, he was so happy, that today, Aug. 26, all Camaro owners get a free pizza.

Today's a good day to be a Camaro owner! Cheers!

source: Yahoo articles

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Help me add on to this list


I work for my University's event planning business, and my boss had given my coworker and I a new project. Due to recent drops in attendance from our usual conference groups, it is up to us to figure out cheap new marketing strategies to entice more people to use our services to host their conference. Since the state has cut of a funding for a lot of things, we really don't have a lot to work with in terms of marketing. Here is a list of possible ideas that might work. If you have any that are not on the list, please leave a comment with your idea. I could use all the ideas I can get.

  • Get comments and suggestions from previous/former clients
  • Write and circulate a conference office newsletter, describing events taking place, pictures, and description
  • Make a virtual tour on major locations and services used by most conference groups
  • Pens, pencils with info printed on it
  • Leave business cards in prospective locations
  • actively participate in professional groups. Attend meetings and network the office through these groups
  • Ask current/former clients, casual acquaintances and prospects for referrals
  • Put out a suggestion box
  • List number in the local phone directory
  • Place business cards around campus
  • Network with local hotels and work together in working with groups. Have hotels refer any prospective clients to business
  • Network, network, network!
  • Make a blog

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

DealBarbie Payment


Whoa, I just got paid a whopping 114 from dealbarbiepaysfast... thanks! :)

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Hey there Entre Card droppers


Dear Entrecard Droppers,

I know you must be looking at this blog, thinking, what in the world does this woman blog about. One day its about some random money making survey, the next, about how flustered her day was.

Since the blog is called Perfect Nonsense, anything on here is fair game. I blog about anything that sparks my fancy, and one of those things is money, especially in this time. A lot of us have probably lost our jobs, had our hours cut short, or are laid of temporarily. I know how it is, so that is why I will post up a lot of neat sites that do make some extra cash. It’s not a full time job, but every cent helps. In fact, being a poor college student, I was able to earn 20 dollars just for giving my own opinion on survey/gpt sites. So keep an eye out for my blog because I will be posting up any opportunities.

Other than that, here are some things you should know about me; my name is Kavita and I’m a student at Northern Illinois University. I finish up my undergrad course work this Spring of 2010, and am applying into Grad School.

Music, reading, and writing are my passion, although I have not been able to read and write for personal enjoyment lately.

I also am East Indian, and after years of trying to avoid my culture, I am trying to find out who I am, and the great things about my culture.

Please favorite my blog if you like what you see, because you’ll never know what you’ll get!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Buying textbooks makes me weep


Yesterday, just before returning to my office after 2 long weeks, I decided to pick up my textbooks for the school semester. Every year, before I buy books, I always research prices online, and almost always buy my books online instead of at the book store.

My game plan for the past several years has been to buy the books from those money suckers at the university, and then wait for my books to come through in the mail. I’ve always used my financial aid money to help pay for my books. To my dismay, the book store only allows a week and a half for full refunds. This is different from the two to three week time frame that they gave, and which was more than enough for me to purchase my books online.

After grabbing all my books, and keep in mind, two of the books were not even on the shelf, my whopping total was 450 dollars. I literally wanted to cry. Although it was coming out of my financial aid, I could have saved some of that money buying the books online.

Damn you publishers.

I really should have considered just renting books. My boyfriend rented quite a few of his books online and saved a whole lot on them. I figured why buy books, use them, and never use them again, and get a measly amount back? Its just a waste of time and money

Hell, next time I’m renting from Chegg books.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Whoa I just found a great site thanks to Trini AND proof of payment


I must say this is the third helpful site I have found from Trini Barbie's blog :) If you are like me, you are probably sick and tired of wasting time and getting scammed by worthless companies that routinely claim that you will be making money.

Finally there is a site with honest reviews and ratings on countless services, products, people, and other products. Best of all, you can get paid to make honest comments, reviews, and give out grades.

IMREPORTCARD is just that type of site

If you are familiar with the online money making scheme, take the time to give your honest input of what you have experienced. Not only will you be helping people in deciding whether the service or product is right for them, but you will also be earning some extra cash.

Members earn credits which can later be converted to cash. Each credit is worth a cent.

If you grade an item, you get 10 credits.

If you post a comment, you get 50 credits. Keep in mind that you need to provide a well written comment on the product. A generic and regurgitated comment will not be accepted, and multiple attempts at this will get your account banned

If you provide a website for them to review, you get 75 credits.

Finally if you see a comment you like or dislike, you can rate it, and get one credit for it.

The cashout is 20 dollars (2,000 credits) and is very easy to reach.

So what are you waiting for, go on and join today!

Btw, YES they do pay:

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Swagbucks and Youdata


I'm a real skeptical person, and if you ask anyone who knows me well enough, they'll tell you I research into anything before I sign up for it, or if I purchase it.

Take the case of making money online for example. I think this is a topic that cannot be taken lightly, and a lot of research must go into it before even considering joining a site which claims you can make money. The real sad thing is that there are survey sites as well as ptc sites that do help you make money, but they are drowned in so many scams, that no wonder people like me get so discouraged.

After a year and a half, I have found which survey sites work, and which don't. You can be sure that if a survey site claims to pay you 75 dollars per survey, you better start looking for pigs that can fly, because that is the only time you will get paid so much per survey.

There are site that do pay, but pay you major cents per survey. Cents don't sound like a lot individually, but add them up, and well, they add up to major dollars. Before I share my knowledge of good survey sites (some which I'm a part of and some which I'm not) here are some tips to help you decide if the site you want to join is legit.

Signs that a survey site/PTC site is legit

  • The site is not on the GPT boycott list.
  • The site includes a support forum, including a payments proof section
  • The admin is able to get in touch with you in a timely manner
  • The site has a reputable history of actually paying its members
  • Search engines don't mark the site as a scam. Bear in mind that some members will claim a site is a scam because they did not get paid, or their account got deleted. Look at the overall feedback of the site. It is possible for members to get banned for not following the rules. Remember, signing up for a website, you agree to the rules and the terms. It is like signing a contract, when you sign it, you give permission to abide by their rules.

There are a TON of sites which do pay, and I assure you that they are all legit. Two sites that I would like to introduce to you are Swagbucks and Youdata.

If you already search the internet, why not get paid to do it. Swagbucks is like virtual currency. Collect enough of swag bucks, and you can buy some really neat things. There are also other ways to get swag bucks besides surfing. Click the banner and find out all the neat things this site offers
Search & Win

If you're tired of paying attention and not getting paid for paying attention, consider joining Youdata. This site retrieves ads based on your interests, family, life, health, and just about everything. When the site finds ads based on YOU, you get paid for viewing these ads. It helps to have paypal for Youdata. Payout day is every Friday, and guess what? There is no min. requirement.

Sorry I couldn't find a fancy picture or banner, but the link above will do. Please keep in mind that these sites will not make you super rich. Keep your day job, and do this on the side :)

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Has it been that long?


Well it appears I have come out of hiding from behind my rock. A lot has happened during the time I have not written, and I have gotten extremely lazy about writing daily.

Well here are some highlights of what has happened:

1. I have one more year left of school before I apply into Grad school. Fun, fun. I bought study cards to study vocab words for the GRE. I'm having super fun with this because I love using words that throw people off. My boyfriend likes to sing jibbersh songs to himself, and to me, and I'd have to tell him to stop his sprattle

2. I have more job responsibilities at the office I work as and got assiged as office manager. It doesn't feel that special, especially because I'm paid the same as I was before.

3. My boyfriend's brother was found dead on mothers day. May his soul rest in peace

4.My little sister graduated from one of the finest schools in Illinois and is off to college to study cellular biology. When it comes to science, I'm as dumb as they come. Ask her about the cell structure, and she'll explain it well. However, ask me about different stages of development in a child, and you'll be listening to me for two hours

I'm pretty sure I'm forgotting some really important things, but bear in mind, its 1 am in the morning, I'm totally lacking in sleep, and I'm hyped up on green tea.

My later posts will be much more productive, I promise

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