Friday, September 26, 2008

Sansi, a better alternative to oven mits


Today, as I was pouring hot water over my ramen noodles with my fat oven mit, I poured some scalping hot water onto my other hand. Hah! What good is an oven mit if your hand is going to get boiled?

Then I thought back to that handy dandy utensil my mom had in her kitchen. You won't find it in the aisles of WalMart, nor will you get it in a kitchen department store in America. This helpful utensil is only sold in India and over the internet through several online stores.

What on earth am I talking about here? The utensil that would have saved my hand from becoming cooked is a Sansi. That's what my mom always called it. A sansi is a stainless steel picker upper, if you will, of hot items. Now how is this better than oven mits? Well the grip on a pot or pan is much better, especially for those pots and pans that are without handles. Sure oven mits are great for pulling cakes and cookies out of the oven, but a sansi ensures that contents of a hot pot will not be dumped on you.

If you are interested in obtaining one, just visit this site. Don't worry, they are not overly expensive. The most you will ever pay for one is 15 dollars (and I think that's an extreme scenario)


Dashery Jewelry said...

That's a really cool gadget!

luvikavi said...

thank you! It really is a life saver :)



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