Thursday, October 2, 2008

Insurance: Are you and your teeth covered?


If you're like 46 million Americans (give or take a few million) then you probably are without dental insurance, or have opted NOT to take insurance because of costs.If you're like another 40 million, then you probably don't have enough to pay for a dentist even with coverage. Source For a nation that obsesses so much about health and health coverage, oral care is in most cases, at the bottom of the priority list.

Today, it seems common that a lot of health insurances provided at work don't offer dental insurance, and even with insurance, dental care is still unaffordable. However, remember fixing a problem when it starts to get worse will be much cheaper than waiting till it gets out of hand. Avoiding to see a dentist because of lack of coverage will in the long run, eat away at your teeth, and your pocket. Let's not forget that taking care of your teeth thoroughly is extremely crucial to your help, and will cut costs on future treatment.

In some cases, people let their teeth go bad, and they they feel that they are not in a position to receive insurance or see a dentist. The fact is that there is a solution. Letting your teeth go bad can lead to tooth decay which can lead to a cavity, and in worst cases a root canal and extracting a teeth. Letting a tooth problem go too far can lead to heart disease, diabetes, even death.

If you are currently without insurance, there is an alternative especially for emergencies. One alternative is Denta Choice

Denta choice is NOT insurance, rather it is a reduced fee for service program that can save you a substantial amount of money, similar to insurance. It is one of the largest national dental networks in America. 15% to 50% can be saved on almost any procedure. Costs are determined by area/location. An individual plan is 8 dollars a month, a house hold plan is 18 dollars a month. Members pay month by month and are free to cancel any time.

Your teeth are important to your health, as well as your physical experience. Don't avoid oral hygiene or care. You will end up paying a lot more than money if you do.




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