Thursday, October 2, 2008

Woman purchases a house cheaper than a Big Mac


Well its not everyday you can buy a house on Ebay, furthermore, its not everyday you can buy a house for pennies. However, a Chicago woman took advantage of the bid, and won the house for 1.75. Yes, that's right. Pick your mouths up from the floor please. There is a cost though, in order to keep it from facing foreclosure, she must pay 850 in back taxes, not to mention clean-up costs. Lets also not forget how much she would have to spend to fix up the house. Overall, it is a really smart buy. Perhaps I can find an abandoned mansion through Ebay once I graduate.


kris said...

They only show pictures of the house and not the rest of its surroundings, ie it's neighborhood.
I don't know, 851.75 plus cleanup may not be the bargain it's cracked up to be. I wish her well.

Raquel said...

I read this entry from "Happy Moments..Happy Thoughts!" WOWOW, she is very lucky. She can build a house and sell it. What a big WOW. It's hard to believe aye!

maria said...

The bottom line is that it will cost a lot more than just the $850.00 in back taxes..

It also depends on the area, the size of the lot...she might be able to sell it for a profit.

But I figure if nobody else bought it in the area for that price, there's got to be a BIG problem with it.




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