Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Economy nonsense mix-up


I have recently read blog posts where there are some uncertainties about this bailout. It really is funny how the administration thinks that renaming a bail out as a rescue plan will change the bill for what it really is. I always thought a "rescue" plan should be reserved for those who are worthy of rescue, not crooks, greedy CEOs, and definitely not people from the incompetent Bush Administration.

Today I witnessed a real live example of how a bill works and how it is passed. This would have been a wonderful example to my third graders last year of how a bill is made and passed . Anyway, congress favored the bill, and it is now going to the house. Do I hope it will pass? I don't know. Do I think it will pass? Who knows.

I am still against the bill somewhat, but now I have mixed feelings. I see to much of blaming, pointing fingers at others, and complaining that the bail out makes me unhappy. It makes me enraged, and I am skeptical about its workings. However, something needs to be done to fix this. Will the bail out fix it? Maybe it will temporarily, but if these greedy people responsible for this mess do not devise a strategy to keep this from happening again, the back lash will be much worse than protesters shouting "You broke it, you bought it" on Wall Street

What bothers me the most is how reckless these companies were, and how reckless Paulson and the administration were in putting the bill together. If you have a financial crisis, and a bill asking for several billion dollars, you better have a book's worth explaining your plan. I belieive whole heartily that these people cared nothing about the American people when they made bill. If they cared, that would have reflected in the first draft of their bill. Instead it was 2 pages and contained no oversights. What does that tell you about the original intentions of these people?

If the bill passes, let us pray it will work. I do not want to have to be put in a position where I have to introduce my kids into a country where the economy is in complete turmoil. My parents came here from India, because the life here was so much better, and there were so many opportunities for them and my brother and sister. Will the bail out bring positive change that intentionally attracted my parents to come here?

How do you feel about this?




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