Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The top ten entrecard droppers


I decided I would dedicate this post to my famous top ten entrecard droppers, and to those that have visited my site whenever they could. I have been with Entrecard for about a month, and I am very happy with the progress I made. So with further ado, here are the top ten droppers, with their links. Thank you Sanjay for the idea. Its about time I recognized my droppers. By the way, if you like poetry, I highly suggest his site

Dropper # of drops
The Truth About Lies 15
Breeni Books 15
Wedding Cake Hints 13
Blog Fiction 12
the Social Arrow 11
WTF Do You Blog About!? 9
Where the Walls are Soft 9
The Writing Nag 9
PoeARTica 9

Again thank you to those who visited my site. I'm learning a lot from visiting your blogs :)




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