Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A little help?


Well I'm getting quite bored of this blog layout, and if I change it, I'm afraid of I will loose all my widgets, gadgets and other 'ets. I would like a layout that expresses my personality, but I have no idea how to upload a template without loosing everything that I have.

Anyone know how I can do this, I would be really grateful!


Kim said...

hi Luvikavi
I have posted your poem at PoeARTica :) :)

*lynne* said...

Hi! I know what you mean about not wanting to lose all them 'ems :) This link might help you out.

The main thing is to hit "CANCEL" if you've uploaded a new template and have the "are you sure you want to delete the following widgets?" message. Then go in and makes sure those widgets specified in the error message are "made to exist" in the new template. Ummm, yeah i'm sure that's as clear as mud :p try the link, I think it helps explain things :)

on templates? I recently discovered ourblogtemplates.com and really like their templates - easily customisable!

good luck :)

[dropping by via entrecard, btw] *lynne*

luvikavi said...

Thank you Kim for posting up my poem, and so quickly too!

luvikavi said...

Thanks Lynne, I'll read through it tomorrow, I might do it with a dummy blog I have to make sure that I got the hang of it. Thank you :)

Thanks for the drop!



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