Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Avoiding an unforgiving toothache.


I have a very bad tendency of avoiding health related issues, especially when it concerns me. I haven't been to a doctor in over a year, mainly because of no health insurance. I'm not attending school currently, so I am unable to get insurance from the university. While I could pay a pretty low fee for coverage, I'm already struggling just to juggle my payments with whatever little I have, all while looking for work.

Anyway, I've been avoiding getting my tooth checked until I can find a free clinic or something that can do a free check up. I could not find any free dental clinics in my town. With no car, it is sort of difficult to travel out of the city. (I've gotten where I needed to go by walking or taking university transportation)

So basically, I've been avoiding getting my tooth checked. I've been using extra products just to control the ache, but nothing seems to work. My boyfriend loves scaring me whenever I complain about it, but this time when he did, I knew he wasn't joking.

"You know if you don't get that checked, they're going to pull your teeth out."

So I guess, I have a question for readers, and it may be a stupid one: How can someone who has no health coverage (including dental) get a toothache checked out?




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