Monday, September 15, 2008

Hiking in a cemetery.


Hiking in a cemetery.

When I was younger, the thought of sleeping by myself used to scare the living daylights out of me. Even at the age of 11, I hated lying in bed with the lights off. I always had to have my closet lights open. Everything changed when I met my boyfriend.

Paul loves horror movies, and he got me to love them too. Currently, the only types of movies that will keep me awake are horror movies. This obsession with horror movies has lead to my fascination with cemeteries. The more history there is behind it, the more intrigued I’m with it. My boyfriend lives in a small town, Tower Hill, and I usually drive through by a lot of cemeteries. There is one cemetery which I’ve visited a few times, and there is another one that is said to have high paranormal activity in, which I am just dying to visit.

Ridge Cemetery, which was formerly a part of Williamsburg Hill is known for the possible ghostly activity. An indication is given by a very active microwave tower upon the hill. The town itself, Williamsburg Hill was a bustling town for about 40 years. The town had its own dentists, Barbour, saloon, etc. The town eventually became a ghost town, and was finally destroyed in the 60’s. I believe that Ridge Cemetery is the only main part of Williamsburg that still stands today.

I’ve visited the cemetery twice during the day, and would like to go see it during nights. There have been many occurrences where people have seen ghostly figures, spirits sobbing, and even occurrences on a daily basis. People that have lived near the cemetery have observed numerous strange things that have happened. When you drive to the cemetery, there is a winding uphill road that you must drive on. After you past the first few houses, you’re surrounded by forest. The gate to the cemetery is open. It is said that one of the trees in the cemeteries was used to lynch people on.

The cemetery I would like to visit is Cemetery X. The reason it is called Cemetery X is to protect the real name of the graveyard. Due to extremely high paranormal activity reported by ghost hunters, the cemetery is given a false name. I know that people still do get buried there, and the cemetery is about 20-30 miles away from Tower Hill, IL.




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