Saturday, September 27, 2008

I could not resist


...but I had to share this HILARIOUS video. As many of you might guess, I'm Indian. Although I am Indian, I really cannot speak my native language fluently. My native tounge is Hindi and Gujatri. As you know, India has over a thousand dialects. If you've watched in Indian movie, then you're pretty aware that its common that in the middle of the movie, the actors break out into song and dance in the middle of a poppy field.

This video is from a South Indian Movie. This is what us English Speakers hear, and trust me, it is too funny to keep to myself :)


Ms. O. D. said...

the song was catchy and i like the dancing! the lyrics (in english) were funny :)

punkysue said...

heh thanks=D eos1000d really that nice??

Jennifer said...

Well, I'm glad you cannot resist -- this was very funny. And while I was perusing your blog I noticed a link to mine -- thank you.



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