Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Richard Mayor Daley calls for action during tough ecnomic times


In order to reduce the size of the budget hole, Mayor Daley has called for a temporary, partial shut down for city services. Most city services, except emergency services, will be shut down for 6 days. These days include the day after Thanks Giving, Christmas Eve, New Years eve, and 3 other days in the year of 2009. If you think workers will be getting paid for their time off, think again, these 6 free days, will be just that, free. By shutting down services and not paying workers on those days, it is estimated that it will save 20 million dollars for the next two years. Richard Mayor Daley may even consider doing it again. Hopefully the Aldermen are included under those that will have to take a free day. In an economy that is already suffering, we need the money more than ever. First things first, cut back on expenses that do NOTHING for the people.

To make matters worse, the new budget of 2009 will reveal a layoff of 1,080 workers. With this partial shut down, the state of Illinois going through numerous layoffs because of hiring freezes, and an unbalanced/undecided budget, its a wonder that these "leaders" are actually trusted to lead our governments. It seems as if corrupt leaders are common at all levels of government, at least for Illinois that is. Instead of closing off services, why not do something that should have been done long ago: Budget wisely, STOP spending money on useless projects, and let go of projects that are a waste of time and do NOT protect the tax payer. In addition, I have mixed feelings about Chicago being the Host for Olympics. I don't feel its right to deny city workers pay so the budget can allow our town to get ready for the Olympics, however I also wonder if this will bring a profit to our city? Is it really worth it to shut down services for a week, lay off thousands of workers to fund projects like these? There are luxuries then there are necessities, the Olympics, are a luxury. Again, first things first, take care of the people!

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Hanen said...

Oh my goodness, this economic crisis is crazy! It's become a cycle of borrow money and not paying it back, and what was once something that was between US citizens and companies has now spread to our government using the same trick! Yikes!


Thank you so so so much for the absolutely amazing post you left on my blog. I really appreciate it and I am so glad you enjoyed reading my poetry. But, to be honest, your poem almost made me cry! I love it! You really spoke from the heart. You know, people ask me why I'm always smiling, and I can only answer that it is because this world is full of people like you and that is the reason I never give up on this world. There are people who are open minded like you and willing to see the other side of every story! Thank you so much for giving me another reason to smile. I have a request, can I post your poem on my blog (and if you have a message you would like others to see about this poem, please send it to me and I can include)? Please let me know if that would be okay with you. Thank you so much! :)



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