Thursday, October 16, 2008

How unique is your name


I found this pretty fun site which tell you how unique your name is. If you ever wonder that, will be more than happy to tell you.

Here were my results

post yours :)

KAVITA is the most popular name in USA (... 1512.farah , 1513.lenore , 1514.kavita , 1515.marwan , 1516.mari ...). One in every 11,512 Americans are named as KAVITA and popularity of name KAVITA is 86.87 people per million.

If we compare the popularity statistics of KAVITA to USA's population statistics, we can estimate that as of October.14.2008 13:05 there are 26,510 people named as KAVITA in the United States and the number of KAVITA's are increasing by 228 people every year.

Usage of kavita as a first name is extremely more common than its usage as a middle name. The sum of alphabetical order of letters in KAVITA is 64 and this makes KAVITA arithmetic buddies with words like Elegant, Bright, Bubbly, Dreamer, Engaging, Helper, Reliable, Select, True, Vital. Add "Courtesy of' tag and feel free to distribute, copy, republish this interesting, accurate and also useless report about name KAVITA.


Shannon@Vogue Mum said...

That's pretty cool! I'm pretty common but my kids surely aren't! haha We always have to pass those nic nacs at the store with the names already printed.

Vogue Mum
Rock Star Maternity
Domestic Engineer's Union

fredy said...

Very Funny :D



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