Saturday, August 30, 2008

Struggling thoughts of an unmotivated mind.


I feel unmotivated and unmoved. My back hurts, probably because I’ve been sleeping in the same hunched back position all night. I’ve slowly, but surely and steadily messed up my sleeping schedule. I am now function on Indian standard time, sleeping during day, living through the night. I can’t help it, I’m a night person. I woke up mid afternoon only to have the annoying sun blind me in my eyes. Even shutting the blinds didn’t help. The rays still found a way to sneak through the cracks.

I’m currently not enrolled in college, and it currently stinks. 23, with 125 college credits on her transcript, I still am unsure of my future. I’m struggling to get an independent status since I’m not yet 24. My request got denied solely on the basis that I could not have employers write my letter on my behalf, it had to be close friends or relatives. Isn’t that biased? That’s not what the folks at financial aid services thought. If my request doesn’t go through, that means I can’t finish school until September of 2009. There is no way, I’ve been in school far too long.

I also struggle to pay bills while looking for a job. I’m thinking of selling off some of my stuff I haven’t used. I have a pair of shorts, from Rue 21, never used. I bought it for 20 bucks. I hope I can return it. I figured food is more important than short shorts.




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