Monday, June 28, 2010

Music Monday


So today's band of Music Monday is Hungry Lucy. Honestly today I just feel lazy and worn out to really write out my own description, so I have decided to copy and paste the band description from Wikipedia along with their link. By the way Hungry Lucy is not entirely a new band, and I am not sure if they are coming out with any new music yet. If they are, please let me know.

Hungry Lucy is a darkwave, trip-hop duo with a female vocalist. Beginning in 1998, they have released four full-length CDs. On Alfa Matrix in Europe (including EU only 2CD boxset versions) and on Hungry Media for the US. Led by Christa Belle (lyrics, vocals, music) and War-N Harrison (music, programming and production), the two came together when Harrison was asked to contribute work on a Depeche Mode tribute album in 1998.

The name "Hungry Lucy" refers to a young woman named Lucy Ryan who died in 1792. According to the ghost story of Havoc House, Psychic Sybil Leek is claimed to have channeled Ryan, and reported that Ryan was constantly complaining about being hungry.[1]


Anonymous said...

Just came out with a new album in April:

Kavita (luvikavi) said...

omg, thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm going to buy that soon!



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