Thursday, August 28, 2008


Where have all our childhood memories been gone?
When life was just one big song
Not a care or worry was on the earth
We never saw the anger violence or hurt
We spent the day playing and night dreaming
Later on in life, visions of the world left us screaming

We looked for comfort and hope
Growing up was sometimes too much to cope
But at the same time we knew
That a world of our own was needed
And sometimes in that we succeeded
But there were times we couldn’t take it
Just felt like giving up and throwing a fit

Some days we went through a moment (or more)
Where we just didn’t care
Blamed the world because it was just not fair
Sometimes we isolated ourself
and set our social habits aside on a shelf
But then there were times we wanted to flourish
To be the center of earth and be noticed
Some of our attempts lead to a desperate measure
A willingness to fit in sometimes lead to other people’s pleasure

We went through friends, some bad some good
Some of us looked at them to see where we stood
Then discovered a true friend vs. a fake one
We have discovered that the true friend stood out
The one who knew what we were really about
The one who brought out the light and the smiles
Who’d be willing to walk in our shoes for a million miles

Sure enough besides choosing bad friends at times
We have made other mistakes
Some so big that it raised the stakes
But then some so stupid we’d slap our head
When we try to fix it, the opposite would sometimes happen instead
And then we’d get mad
And complain how the world is so screwed up

But then we slowly start to realize…
Life is like a roller coaster
With its twists and turns
Points when our stomachs churn
Can’t stop a roller coaster in the middle of the ride
Same way with life
You gotta keep on going, you gotta strive
No matter how much life may “bite”
No matter what, you gotta fight
Can’t hold back, after all it is your life




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