Thursday, August 28, 2008

The untold version of Cinderella


Cinderella has something on her mind.
Her eyes are scanning around
looking for the time.
Her white dress and make up on her face.
Such a beautiful girl,
that feels completely out of place.
Prince Charming knows she's the one,
but he doesn't know that
she just wants to have fun.
She uneasily looks around,
walking swiftly
as her dress touches the ground.
Music echoes through the halls,
humming steadily with the sound of the clock.
Her heart is going but her feet are planted to the floor.
She's not ready yet.
She wants to be free, she wants to be soar.
The prince surprisingly takes her hand, hoping for a chance.
Bowing gracefully,
he asks her for a dance
As they dance he gazes into her eyes.
Right then and there he knew,
for her he would die
She fell in love too,
But she wasn't ready yet,
She knew what she had to do,
So when the clock turned 12 on the dot,
her feet became unplanted
out of their spot.
She ran down the stairs in flight
Prince charming reaches his hands out,
but she was already gone.
His heart broken, and filled with fright.
Here was a woman he loved.
A woman, he was sure that
was sent from above.
He couldn't figure why she couldn't love anyone else.
Poor broken hearted prince charming couldn't realize that
Cinderella needed to find herself.




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