Monday, August 25, 2008


It's hard being true
to your culture
when culture has been
replaced by a television set,
and family game night is replaced
with TV dinners and an episode
of "Family Feud."
Quality time is something of the past.
And the beagle whimpers
as we spend hours online
teaching our PC useless tricks.
Originality is still okay
But only if it's in fashion.
More is good
anything less
is worthless.
Good old American pies
are foreign.
They don't mean nothing
if it's not from
War is our most practiced art.
And count on us
to butt in
where we're not needed.
Yes, the land of plenty -
We're a great big melting pot
stealing our identity
from other countries
Me? I am like no other
I am an individual
I am ...
an American.




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