Monday, August 25, 2008

Raggaedy Ann Doll


Say hello to me, your raggedy Ann doll
Im a doll that takes all the shit you have in store
Yes darling I take it all

We may have not met
But I know you’ll have fun with me
That is something that I can bet

You can twist my arm
Throw me around your room
Or fake me with your charm

What the hell do I know?
My head is hollow
No matter how much I hurt, to u is where I go

I am there for you to hit or hug
To love or hate
To help or bug
And when u get tired of playing with me
You can always stuff me under your bed
Pain is something I can’t see

Well I’ve got news for you now boy
I am not your raggedy ann doll no more
I refuse to be your toy

This doll has evolved into a woman
I rufuse to be torn and abused
I am no longer your fun

I’m leaving you behind
This china doll
doesn’t need your kind

So don’t even try to misuse
me or abuse me when u want
I am not something u can reuse

I won’t take it at all
Honey its time to say good bye
to your raggedy Ann Doll




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