Sunday, August 24, 2008



Remember when we could do cartwheels
I'm sure you do
Remember when I couldn't keep my legs up straight
and flopped down instead
Stop that, don't laugh.

Remember when I hid in your closet
because I didn't want to go home
and remember when you took out your contacts
and told my sister you had a third eye

Remember when we played in the wet grass
and mom yelled at me for running barefoot on the streets
Remember when we caught lighting bugs
and suffocated them in empty peanut butter jars
We were too innocent to know that even bugs needed to breathe

Remember when we were in the same school
but not in the same classes
Remember when we you screamed at me
I never said I was sorry, not even to this day

Remember when you moved to the coast
and you left the memories of the midwest behind
Remember when we stopped talking
and one day I was unable to remember anything

Do you remember?




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