Sunday, August 24, 2008



Unemployed from a paycheck
Still working to earn a living
but not earning enough to live
I've got hope buried somewhere in my heart
but not enough energy to move forward
Im praying I'll find something to keep me going
Until then I'll drink pop can after pop can
and sell them for few cents a piece.




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Kavita (luvikavi)
I am a 25 year old loud mouth by my words yet soft spoken at heart. I have love affairs with new thoughts, ideas, controversies, movies, news,helping those in need and politics. If something tickles my fancy, I will blog profusely about it. The world is filled with nonsense, and writing helps me grasp the reality, whatever that may be.
I graduated from Northern with a Bachelors in Health and Human Sciences, with an emphasis in family and individual development. I hope to GOD my thousand and thousand dollars in loans has prepared me enough for Grad school which I will be venturing off into this Fall of '10. YIKES!
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