Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BP executives told by Rep. Cao to commit suicide


It's no surprise that there are many individuals who are livid at how BP executives are treating the oil spill fiasco. Rep. "Joseph" Cao from Louisiana received many responses when he supposedly indirectly implied that BP executives should commit suicide or "harakiri"

Samurai warriors back in the 12th century used to take their own lives to protest a decision or to support a greater cause. Later during the 15th century, the Japanese emperor used harakiri as punishment. Japanese officials would also commit this act to atone for a clumsy or poor deed or job that was done.

When watching the clip, it appeared that Cao was not indirectly or directly implying that the executive actually kill himself, he was giving an example of what his people did back in the day. I think the message he was trying to point out was that BP's acts have been shameless and would have been a reason why harakiri would have been committed a long long time ago. He then continues to explain that he and his constituents have not decided what should be done with BP because the truth is the BP executives have done a horrible job with stopping and handling the oil spill. It is very easy to twist someone's words around or to bring out suggestions which really aren't there. I admit that it probably was not a wise choice of words to bring up the suicide tradition to congress and the American public, however people need to stop taking things so literally.




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