Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do you have a thirst for knowledge?


Just several months ago, I saw that ChaCha was hiring for guides. I went ahead and applied for the expediter position, passed the test, did a simulation run, and in no time, was answering questions, or sending them off to different specialists to answer. For those who are not aware of what ChaCha is, it basically is an answering texting service like KGB. Only difference between ChaCha and other answer texting services is ChaCha is free. Users only pay the fees charged for texting by their carrier. They do place a limit on the number of questions people can ask in a certain time limit.

I started working for ChaCha in February and loved how I could work around my own schedule. I make an average of about 5 to 10 dollars a day, which is pretty good since I do this during my free time when I'm not working. The great thing about working for ChaCha is you can work whenever you want and for however long you want. There are different roles you can apply for depending on what you feel comfortable with. The pay rates are different for each role, and while I do not recommend quitting your day job, it is nice to work for ChaCha as a supplemental income. The only thing you will need is a decent internet connection and Firefox. Personally I've learned the most weirdest, random, and even the most interesting facts just by joining this service. If you are one of those people where you find delight in learning something new everyday, ChaCha is a wonderful service to work for. While it will not make you rich, it will help pay some of the bills, and who can complain about that.

To see a list of roles and qualifications visit GUIDE ROLES.
For specific information regarding working for ChaCha, visit FAQ


TriNi said...

Love what you've done with your layout! :)

ChaCha is great. I've always wanted to give them a try but never found the time .. I've been so busy these days. I'm glad you've been finding them worthwhile!

Keep up the good work.

TriNi @ Make Money Online Free

Kavita (luvikavi) said...

Hey, congrats on the wedding btw... a few more years for me!

You should def. try ChaCha when you have some free time, I told my roommate about it! Hows the money making online going, I've seen you made quite a bit!

TriNi said...

Thank you :) And yup it's been going okay so far.. been doing quite well :) Hoping to keep it up.

Dorothy L said...

I have never even heard of Cha Cha...so I have already learned something new~
I will definitely look into it. I am always incorporating earnings within the walls of the internet...as I am always online researching for my site~

Many thanks for the information ~

Kavita (luvikavi) said...

you're quite welcome :)



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