Friday, August 22, 2008


A little girl tries to smile,
but her face is distorted
from being a drunkard's child.
Everyday he takes a dozen sips to relax.
And that's when the danger
reaches its max.
The girl loves her dad
and does what she can to stay strong
despite all the times he has acted bad.
Mommy left them since two years
and daddy tries to drink up all his pain
in order to hide his tears.
He loves her child
but he can't seem to stop his drinking spurges
from going wild
He promises one day he'll change his ways
so his little girl won't have to live in fear
every single day.
But no matter how much he tries to change
he reaches for a whisky
and things remain the same.
He hits her one hand at a time
blames her for mother leaving
She was forced to believed she had committed this crime
At night he thinks of what he did and starts to cry,
throws his hands up in the air,
And screams to god "why!"
The drinks take him into another world.
A place that becomes so dangerous
once it encounters his little girl.
Only god can keep this small family from falling apart.
His grace and glory
can strengthen their hearts.
But no matter how much HE tries to comfort their hurt,
daddy keeps on reaching for the drink and
everyone is back to how it was at first.




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