Friday, August 22, 2008

Spring moments.


There's snow
but it's melting outside
And here I am sitting
with a smile upon my face

As the temperature is up
My mood starts to go up as well

Spring is finally here
And as the warm appears
I suddenly begin to notice
that my bad moods disappear

Basketballs hit the pavement
in a rhythmic beat
And I can here the thump, thump, thump
of little pattering feet

Bikes whish and whoosh
around and around our street
And my brother and sister
shriek with delight
as Pup Pup runs around
and jumps on my sister
making her fall to the ground
She barks because finally has someone to play with
or is it because it's almost spring?

Sometimes Danny would come
riding on his scooter
Sometimes with one hand, sometimes none
He'd just show off as usual
Sometimes acting dumb

On a day like this
I could remember
Joseph chasing after James
Hanging out with them
made me feel like a kid again
I didn't have to remember all the wrongs in my life
A spring moment just took away all that pain

Laughter fills the air outside
but here I am
trying to write something good
While everyone is out on a day like this
I'm here... stuck inside




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