Friday, August 22, 2008

Ode to Barbie


No one wants you.
Your perfect face
perfect boobs
perfect body
has no place in a place like ours.
Your world is plastic
ours is not.
Go and seduce Ken
with your shiny china made body,
because that's the only thing closest thing "to a man"
you'll ever get.
The real world doesn't want a
bitch like you.
Go tell Mattel to put you back
onto the shelf of non-existence
Can't you see whore?
Girls no longer need to look up to you
as they did before.
Your head has been de-attached
And dumped among the rubble
similar to your kind.
You no longer matter to the 21st century
Past thought you were pretty.
but present and future
will gawk at your awkward structure
because you're so perfect.
Don't you know, you @#$! bitch
that perfection is what makes us
spit in disgust?
You haven't been in our world.
Haven't tasted the realities with your painted lips.
So just hibernate
in your plastic box
and look out that plastic window
at the world you'll never get a chance to be a part of
a world in which you'll
never be accepted.




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